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  1. Dogs are a regular sight here - and I love it.
  2. What kind of leadership does sailing need from US Sailing. IMHO sort out leadership in the following areas: handicapping, providing resources for one-designs, supporting community (especially non-racing) sailing, resources for the cruising-daysailing sailors, which are the vast majority of sailors, organizing and promoting championship series, marketing and promoting sailing in general. And, oh yeah, developing the Olympic team, including providing resources so the sailors don't have to spend all their time fund raising. Only the last couple of those thoughts can be mastered without real-life
  3. Terry and I drifted far apart on politics (rating and real politics) but I enjoyed the hell out of sailing with him and Pete. Terry's gone....long live Terry!
  4. It was indeed Terry's boat. I sailed the SORC, can't remember if I did the '84 Mac with them but may have. Later he chartered Invictus and I was on a Super Mac for that.
  5. My ride in '84 as Agape Too II. Beast of a bow.
  6. Just bumped into this comment now. When I protested (now 25 years ago) I did exactly what you suggest. I came with spreadsheets of boats in my rating band from around the country, and my region was the clear outlier. I had measurement system ratings also for said boats. My crew was one of the better ones. But I faced a tribunal of old, former racers who didn't bother to look at the evidence (and there was a lot of it) that I'd given them, questioned my prep and skill, commented only that "we know that boat type, and boy were they fast," and offered a trial rating 6 seconds slower making it cle
  7. IMHO the business of protesting ratings is a large part of what's killing racing in NA. It's extremely distasteful to go before a committee (with some dubious credentials and obvious prejudices) to say, "Waaaah, I need a new raaaating 'cuase I don't win enough." It's humiliating, I've done that with a much more thoughtful presentation than "Waaaah" and it was humiliating. It's even less distasteful to protest your competitor's rating for obvious reasons. And NONE of it is conducive to any kind feel of community in the fleet, it just causes distress. This thread is about the boat, not protestin
  8. Wasn't Crotch Cut headsails a thing from that pub...
  9. The ed just posted a European article on how the ILCA vote may affect Europeans, predicting "ultimate disaster." Tom Ehman softball-interviewed Farzad Rastegar of Laser Performance on Sailing Illustrated. All of this media blitz in support of LP and the European Laser sailors. And casting aspersions on the ILCA leadership. Folks, LP has not served the North or South American markets very well at all, as any Laser sailor or dealer can tell you. LP cut off Kirby and has waged war against the ILCA for a long time. I do not trust them, and when I see the vitriol directed at ILCA leadership and imp
  10. It all boils down to this. A NO vote puts LP in the driver's seat so they can continue to profit nicely on the European market (which apparently they serve well) and screw the NA market as they have for a long time. It also gives LP inordinate power over the class. A yes vote gives the ILCA the power, and the class, sailed under whatever name, is still in the hands of the sailors. There would be nothing "fake" about the boat. Most of us who are paying attention will gladly trade the name for keeping the boat as our class. Whereas I might trust RS to act in the best interest of the sailor
  11. If you want Bruce Hedrick's take on the weather, read it here or check it out on sailish.com. As always, Bruce and I will be watching. Here you go: Today’s weather picture presents a complex pattern with a little bit for everyone. The current Surface Analysis has a series of three weak low-pressure systems strung across the Pacific Northwest from east of the Cascades to off of the Strait of JdF to off of the north end of Vancouver Island. The attached frontal system off of the center low will cross over the coast this afternoon and is already bringing rain to the south Sound. By tomorrow
  12. For all those who would like to kill the Laser, or at least see it dead, stop. Just stop. Yes, LP has been screwing the class badly. And parts are hard to come by (George at West Coast Sailing keeps a lot of us going) HOWEVER There's still great racing. "Satan Himself" should relocate his head where he can see a little better. True, where there might have been 50 boats, there might now be 25. Young sailors who dream of the Olympics have a relatively cheap boat to give it a go. To pass off what thousands of people do as "getting together to bitch about LP's destruction," is lame.
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