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  1. How many times did you see a team lower their solid wing on the water after a race, NEVER. How many times did you see a team lower their double skin on the water after a race, ALWAYS. Tell me again how solid wings are more practical?
  2. What will kill Sail GP is it's own shitty race format and braindead coverage added to deliberately manufactured drama. It's literally like the worst of reality TV, but on boats. I mean seriously, you have races where it's the first time teams have EVER sailed using some of the equipment or crew arrangements. It could be great, but it's simply not due to stupid decisions. Oh and 12 minutes for a yacht race? really?
  3. Mandate the code 0 be on board at all times (maybe a deck channel or similar). Work towards making it easily deployable / retrievable mid race. On it's own this would massively improve racing in low end conditions. Clear up what is and isn't allowed as far as deck height goes. Otherwise as mentioned, ensure any changes are not so drastic that we have to throw away the existing boats, they need to be at least viable as training platforms for new teams.
  4. Interesting that they have bulbs, potentially ballasted.
  5. A couple of things to add here. The AC75 uses flaps (of course you could put flaps to the cats if you wanted). The AC50 is breaking the water at three points instead of two. The AC75 rudder is lifting not pulling downwards. It sort of feels like once your air bourne this is likely more efficient that deliberately creating drag to create power and doing it with less foils also should be better (if harder to control). I wonder what the cost of having the foils out of alignment is or whether it's a benefit as the wake from the main foils can't affect the rudders.
  6. It will definitely be interesting to see an F50 with a smaller wind in breeze! I would also be interesting to see a 50 foot (or a little longer now the cats looked to be extended) version of the AC75. We might find the weight is rather similar once you scale down to the same size. The AC72 was around 5.9t before crew right?
  7. Personal opinions. At this point there are probably only a very small number of points of sail (if any) where an AC50 an out perform an AC75 and most of those are probably only in certain very light (basically unracable) wind conditions. One: The mono is way more aerodynamic than a messy old cat. Even if you make everything as clean as possible on the cat your still going to get air off the two seperate hulls interacting and your always going to have to connect them using something... Two: The twin skin main looks to be much better than first anticipated. It's incredibly dynamic
  8. Don't forget to throw in the costs of Ben losing control in the marina and remodelling the dock...
  9. Your betting the rig for a 50 foot yacht costs less than one for a 75 foot one? Wow who would have thought...
  10. He lives in Auckland so he does qualify for at least one current team... He's probably not a bad backup helmsman. On the flip side he's a top notch commentator so there is always a silver lining.
  11. Those trick twin skin mains look like something likely to make it into a few racing fleets at least. Whats not to like about a highly adaptable rig that can generate 20 - 30% more power, is strong enough to survive boat wrecking capsizes and can still be lowered at sea in a few minutes by two or three crew.
  12. Have you actually watched the America's Cup before? American Magic is definitely not the first yacht to sucumb to the elements! Nor the most spectacular at doing so. The IACC's were so heavy and wound up so darn tight the rig could snap the boat in half! Hell they even got AM back up and running (sorta).
  13. Suggesting improvements is not the same as expressing disatisfaction. If in fact debate on how to improve things is what you were actually seeking. I'm pretty sure if you had taken the same route you would have received a better response to your post.
  14. Honestly you complained that it took time to change the course when the wind changed. That indicates either a lack of knowledge about match racing or your deliberately trolling... Frankly I don't actually care which, as quite obviously I'm here trolling as well.
  15. Is it me, or are the trolls even more desperate these days? Seriously who actually complains that they have to move the marks when the wind changes....
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