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  1. I should add, at the event this past weekend, Ajax gave an eloquent speech and so did Cruisin' Loser. It was good to see old friends and yet sad at the same time. I have stories about Larry, but all they do is reiterate what a kind and generous soul he was. These are not the usual traits of elite sailors. I'd put Larry way ahead of every one of the Group 3 guys I have raced with over the past four decades. It's one thing to have skills...it's a whole 'nuther thing to be a gentleman along with having those skills.
  2. I don't know. I just don't know anymore, Wess. I'm like: totalleee clueless?
  3. Tried to register at the i550class DOT org site? I'll go in and look. Problem is, we get about 25 spammers/bots per week trying to register and I haven't had time to weed through the existing list. Even if you do get through, remember, it takes 5 posts on the forum in order for the PM function to work. or you could just use the PM function here!
  4. BTW, the keel bulb plug is now residing in Onatario, CA. It did a global circumnavigation, as far as I can tell. Nice work, bulb. also:The tradition has become: use it, ship it, user pays for shipping to the next user.
  5. Holy smoke! Congrats!! What happened to 10Speed?
  6. Focus? You mean you actually have "focus?" Dude, you have the attention span of an 8 month old Irish Setter.
  7. Oh, they race. Trust us, they race. I heard one crushed a PHLATT BLACK Laser someplace, somewhere. Fake news?
  8. Laser are nice. I think a few have been built and purchased, although for why, I'll never know. Suppose you are out sailing and you decide you want to take a nap. i550, you find a cove, toss an anchor, go below and spread out. Tough to do on a Laser. Or, you have to poop. On a Laser, well, forgeddaboutit. On an i550, you go below, drop the kids off at the pool and you're done. Face the facts: your options on a Laser are limited. On an i550, they are infinite. It's like an infinity machine, only with sails and keels and shit.
  9. Eye herd their was a race in Tasmania. Some guy from Tasmania won. That's what I herd.
  10. It had to do with a certain Offshore coach at a certain service academy located nearby, I think....
  11. Plus 2. Holy crap, two things in a row upon which we both agree - this has to stop
  12. Watershed just sent a planset to a guy. Yesterday. See the Forum at: http://i550class.org/forums/index.php there's info at the top of the BUILDING AN i550 that's pinned...complete with the email address for Moose and Squirrel (Watershed) also: register for the Forum and win valuable prizes (not really, but WTF, right?)
  13. Timb, love you guys and all that, but I've had about 8 people email me in the last month about the website and how to order plans. Are all y'all ever going to get the site back up? Want some help? Want a free site with a tiny bit of functionality but at least a landing page where folks can order things? I still have an open domain on my web provider. lemme no.
  14. Only because I forgot my usual login stuff and am too lazy and unmotivated to look it up. Hey. It's January. Did you set the guy in Syd up with some nearby contact info? I hope so!
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