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  1. I met a pro Alaska fisherman a while back in a bar, and he insisted that he never ate any fish at all that was not fully cooked, because of the parasite issue. Same with wild game.
  2. Learn a bit about racing (but not too much!) to be ready for the Three Bridge Fiasco. Take a crew who has done it before. https://sfbaysss.org Saturday Jan 25, 2020. Starts and finishes at GGYC, SF Cityfront.
  3. One question that seems to be completely forgotten, who was it that directed US Dist. Atty Alex Acosta to give Epstein the kid glove treatment back in 2008? Acosta was forced to resign last summer, but never said what official made that request, or from what agency.
  4. Yes, this is a universally acknowledged mark of good seamanship. Very salty.
  5. Per Wikipedia, airliners do about 3 litre/100km/pax, with all seats filled. Add say 25% for empty seats, though trans Atlantic flights are often full. London - NY is 5585 km (3470 stat. mi) , so a typical passenger will burn ~223 litre or 59 US gallons, or 59 MPG. Maybe not great but not bad. One could save even more fuel and CO2 by staying home and attending one's meetings via Skype video conference or similar. I've prepped a sailboat for two ocean passages, shorthanded, and I'm pretty sure that the resources consumed were quite a bit more per passenger mile than the above
  6. Hitler was a vegetarian. Maybe vegan. So, ahead of the curve in that sense. I don't know if he ever ate bugs.
  7. In the Green New World, that is not a valid question because proles will not be travelling anywhere. As a Western person you will Not have children Not travel by air Not have a private vehicle Sit in the cold and dark, in your little pod, and consume approved screen content Eat the bugs, and enjoy them Not engage in wrongthink or commit wrongspeak Meanwhile our betters will be enjoying life and their power over you as they always have. Got it?
  8. So is this done for poaching, or to mislead the competing fishermen?
  9. Is there an Appendix tabulating the net worth of all the people who have astroturfed her into the limelight? Does it mention that the cost of the IMOCA 60 she sailed on , or that it is owned by the royal family of Monaco? She is no more a brave little girl acting on her own than I am.
  10. Don't do this. All you are doing is interfering with the fleet. Racing is a sport with rules, if you want to participate, you have to follow the rules.
  11. You don’t think disintegrating social cohesion and rising crime are a downside? As to Trump, I don’t like him or hate him or fear him. I’m thinking this whole thread is a troll.
  12. Well the stock market is now doing much better than in the previous era, and unemployment is low. At least for those who haven't given up. So I'm more worried about Schoolmarm Warren crashing the market and inflicting a recession than otherwise. For those that hate Trump, don't worry too much, he's been completely stymied by the permanent bureaucracy, enemies in his own party, the opposition, and and the media/propaganda complex. And that won't change. Meanwhile, social cohesion will continue do decrease, crime will rise, polarization will increase, and the bi-modality of soc
  13. editorial we (uncountable) The first-person plural pronoun used by an editor or other spokesperson when speaking with the authority of their publication, profession, organisation or company. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/editorial_we Then there is the 'clickbait, shit-tier we' as in The Last Jedi: the feminist Star Wars we all needed and finally got I guess it all comes down to Ed's pronouns.
  14. Maybe pit bull genes have 'penumbras and emanations'? Courts love that penumbra shit.
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