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  1. The argument that TNZ's corporate structure is fucked is completely accurate, but Farmer looks like a complete asshole raising it after a failed coup attempt.
  2. I am no particular fan of Jim Farmer, but this seems to be pretty prescient to me. The AC75s were, in fact, an enormous challenge to design, build, and sail. The cost of that challenge was certainly a factor in only having three challengers. I enjoyed watching them race and don't have any strong desire to go back to monos, but what he said ultimately proved correct.
  3. Not an encouraging picture painted by that Herald article. Dunphy is pledging $20m of his own and claims he can deliver another $20m from other donors, but has no plan for the rest beyond magically hoping that the government will more than double its cash offer.
  4. Dalton holds some cards, Dunphy claims to be holding the cards Dalts needs but may or may not be bluffing.
  5. To be clear, I do not think Ineos are going to get impatient any time in the immediate future, just that it will happen at some point if TNZ do not resolve the venue issue in a reasonable time frame. Weather data and modeling is one of the fundamental design considerations and not one you can make much progress without.
  6. I think the interesting question here is how long does Ineos remain patient with this process? Nothing of what we've seen makes it seem like a deal that will satisfy TNZ's desire for cash is in the offing, potentially not even from Jeddah. Time is the most precious commodity in a cup campaign — even more than money. I'm sure at this point they're not overly worried and want a good event as much as anyone. But at some point the competitive factors always come to the fore. How long is Ratty going to be nice about it?
  7. This is going to end with somebody blowing out a TNZ that is a complete shell of itself, if they don't implode completely before the defense can take place. I think Dunphy is full of shit and won't be able to raise anywhere close to what's needed, but if there's no venue willing to pay a host fee, what other option is there?
  8. Have to be honest I thought Ainslie might get a black flag for that start as well however I think he had a couple things in his favor. First, he was overtaking from astern rather than converging on opposite tacks so the closing speeds were slower. And second, Robertson had made a bit of a habit of trying that move and had been warned about it, so the umpires likely thought an escalation of consequences was required. There were comments from other boats and the commentators that it had been coming for a while. With that being said, Ben stuffed it good and I'm sure the Brits would r
  9. What defines constructed in country can be made an incredibly low bar by mutual consent, and only applies to the boats in the match anyway. As I recall with the AC50s it was just the bow sections built in country, which could be done in any moderately sized shed.
  10. It's WAY too early to worry about the AC40 impact on SailGP. These early announcements of how the AC cycle will go tend to not bear much resemblance to what actually happens.
  11. She was part of the 12 Meter Regatta fleet doing tourist excursions down in St. Maarten. I believe the plan was to repair her and send her back, but with what covid has done to the cruise industry, who knows?
  12. I like Gladwell in general, but he might as well give Dalts a byline on his column ever since the Dunphy thing broke. The reference to 2003 is clearly an attempt to frighten people and justify moving the event. TNZ did not fail in 2003 due to a lack of money. Dalts himself knows that as he was in charge of the 2003 review and lack of funding was not even listed as a major factor.
  13. Agreed. With major capital campaigns like this you'd ideally like to have a "lead donor" who goes public with a major commitment to draw attention and signal to others that it's real. The fact that they claim to have commitments for $80m but no one is willing to go public with it is odd.
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