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  1. Yep, seems like either damage control or he simply didn't have all info on hand. But, lying to do damage control seems more likely, it really doesn't look like the home was made by water and internal structure, especially not when you look at the their own video that shows some guts looking at the panel that got punched out of the hull and bent at close to 90 degrees in the process, it's very visible and they basically say it's been hit from the inside. Not sure if it specifically a battery though, and if those only weigh 35kg or so, is that enough to do that damage? The onboard ca
  2. I initially thought it looked like the whole port fool arm was ripped off, but luckily that was not the case, you could see atleast the arm when they righted her. But, the hull may well be cracked around the foil. I thought that she was floating a lot lower than ETNZ when she was still on her side, probably started filling up very quickly.
  3. That's just sad they need to get the crew of the boat and get some more flotation bags around or in the hull, and a sail or something to block the hole, so maybe she can float high enough for the pumps to do anything useful...
  4. Yeah, that's never a good sign. Is any of the hull even above water? What use are the pumps if the hull is fully submerged anyway?
  5. Sure, not unlikely, but they still have Defiant, don't they? I have no idea how much work it needs to be able to race, but if it's significantly less than getting Patriot back on the water, and if they are allowed to switch boat (are they?), why not? Work on Patriot while sailing Defiant in the RR and Semi and try to stay in. This shows us how easily one of the other teams can crasch out as well, so worth to stay fighting if at all possible. This was a race win until it wasn't..
  6. Nah mate, it'll buff right out But, yeah, there has to be some damage to the hull?
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