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  1. At 1.47 in the video you can see Commanches version of the Bob Oatley seat. Looks like a grand throne!
  2. In what world would that yacht ever be called good looking. Farr grafted a bow sprit and twin rudders to his last IMS slab sided design and called it an IRC yacht. At least Ray is using the excess real estate for self promotion.
  3. Can anyone who was at race week explain Hooligans kite in this photo. It looks like a mast head kite hoisted on a fractional halyard. Secret weapon or cluster fuck?
  4. All yours for 400,000 pounds according to Berthon.
  5. Yendys? The most backward city I can think of.
  6. Kinda big boat news, 'Wildthing' aka 'Skandia' aka 'Oil Rich Stadium' appears to have left Newcastle. One more week on station here and I would have declared it a reef of national significance.
  7. A secret winged keel ?Why didn't you go down the retractable prop route, it seems the latest trend in grand prix 50+ footers?
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