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  1. If you buy one you will surprisingly find a lot of space aboard and mostly the fastest on the lake, sea harbor. An unlikely carbon Swan or well sailed and dressed X may pass you but it's a very good sailboat. Judel and Vrolijk (The yacht designers) were long time reigning with their hulls in america's cup until Dogzilla came along. And they are not fancy.
  2. Hoera! That is a detail, my issue is not nonsense. If the penalties were not given to the british, the dutch ladies would have recieved gold. Lobke and Afro didn't mind. Their qualifications for the olympics were already confirmed. But still...
  3. I met the guy, In a bar. He wasn't the most unfriendly. But he didn't wanted to be approached the rest of the evening and stood alone for the most of the time. Frankly I find public outvoting disgusting. And I know he likes to screw people so what.... Part of the daily shit on SA filter it out. It has a public function, not to take things too serious. I know more about him what he does in normal life. He was involved as a congressmen in Irish government. But to organise a raid to get other people out, like Norbowgirl, or other funny people is part of his activities
  4. On facebook there was stated the British were penaltised twice for pumping. Rule 42. Twice by the judges. On one boat. In one minute, and that changed the medal for the dutch from gold to silver. It is the is the portugese empires who behaved questionable in this case. To let the spanish take the gold. for the camera and the whole world to see it.. Strange
  5. Correct, Things like that is not possible in match racing that's why it's more fair. Anyhow Aphrodite Zeegers and Lobke Berkhout didn't protest. Silver is good enough, feels a bit strange though. Hoping for more finishes like this. I want to prove fleet racing leads to unfair outcomes. I spoke to Pieter Jan Postma, Former Olympic Finn sailer, He told me there were more then one occasions where he was shielded in the tacking leg. To withhold him from further competing for the medals. Nothing to do about it.
  6. Untill proven otherwise by our Italian friends. You can'be serious about this. Next day a 2 -0 victory for ETNZ please. By the way, did you kiwis noitice we the europeans, have to wait to 4 o clock PM to watch the show live? That is in the middle of the night not to see the cup get lost to the Italians Well good luck. It was best of 7 wasn't it? Score 3-3. Fingers crossed.
  7. Hello Stingray, Much trolling battles, but I don't mind. How are you today? I am not looking forward the cup ends in Italian hands. An old civil war between rich and poor is what I was told the mafia is. And to settle it, make a rightfull government.. Possible, not even hard, but feasible. I am pretty convinced the cup is a pre set game. To give the cup to the Italians is a dangerous move. With much more foul play ahead.
  8. Once you've seen the lines you really fell in love with that car. So with the kiwi boat. It's more like bobsleighing nowdays I heard one dutchman say. Not sure I like it.
  9. Nope, The Netherlands were never defender, neither were the Italians. Will the fairness of the game improve when the Italians are in charge? Politcally it has been the country where government rules for the shortest time. But I like Italilian design. Make it fair so nobody wants to start a civil war like the mafia.. It's all so simple. I owned and adored this car by Pininfarina.
  10. It's about design as well. ETNZ pulled out a bat car well. I liked it.
  11. Correct, In the boring part the Italians may take their part of history. For the first time, they were in this game for a long time, So am I. Still not sure what will happen if the Italians win the cup. Better not let it happen.
  12. It has been like chess, It all about the openings, after that it was straight sailing.
  13. So far so good, There is an emotional point of view as well. You can't be serious about giving the cup to the Italians. They invented mafia didn't they? ( I am pretty convinced the AC is a set up game)
  14. I just twittered Afro and Lobke they should protest. Not sure how much time they have. For me the battle is won by these ladies:
  15. Fleet racing is unfair: Today in Villamoura (POR) the medal race of the 470 ladies World Championship was sailed with Aphrodite Zeegers and Lobke Berkhout. as the big contenders for gold.The difference in points between the Dutch and the Spanish was 3 points. https://2021worlds.470.org/en/default/races/race-resultsall In medal race points count double so if our ladies finished 2 positions ahead of the Spanish team the dutch would have been world champions. the English were at the last finish between our ladies on 3 and the Spanish ladies on 4. (4 th place) What do the English ladies do.
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