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  1. I just quote: "The yacht's radio and electricity were switched on, prompting a search operation.". Isn't marifoon identablable?
  2. Hij hobbelt lekker over de golven. Ha Daan. Wave behaviour of a dragon is comfortable.
  3. I couldn"t agree with you more. Wrappage for instance, how much plastic and glass is wasted on groceries? Thermal isolation, easy delivers money allmost instantly and nobody does it. Electric car so you do not need oil and gas. It's all within a handreach obtainable.
  4. So you can shoot out the tangled up spinakker, lots of fire on the foredeck but.... problem solved...
  5. Yeah, right do you have the money and the crew and the devotion or let her rot away in some windy salty harbor, full of criminals and drug trafficing (prostitution not to forget). This is a nicer idea to me:
  6. They sail their own classes that are not Olympic out of chauvinism. Dragon for instance, they sail Requin. (Shark in french) The wind is very slow in the top of Imoca fleet, 10 knots. Still 154,5 nM to go for Thomas Ruyant and Morgan La Graviere on Link - out. Well found name, satire on "Linked In" the career-site.
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