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  1. Spectaculair near accident. Lessons to be learned before things really go wrong. Whether or not in outside the spectators boundary rule eight for good seaman ship stays: In accordance with Rule 8 (a) (Action to avoid collision ), any action taken to avoid collision shall be taken in accordance with the Rules of this Part and shall, if the circumstances of the case admit, be positive, made in ample time and with due regard to the observance of good seamanship. So far so good, In fact Scallywag did: she avoided 3 boats including one mast that almost ripped her main. Well done.
  2. Feretti had a fire three days ago:
  3. Not according to the resultpage from the races website but it may be on corrected time. https://rolexsydneyhobart.com/standings/ There is something unclear, according to the yachtdesciption Solveig finished 40th. But I think you understood how I came to another conclusion.
  4. Last one to finish, position 33 Bowline. 33 boats survived in a field of 88 = 38% made it in time. That's an accomplishment. Ian Roberts and crew. Well done! Story:https://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/7573338/kangaroo-island-sailors-do-battle-in-sydney-to-hobart/#slide=0
  5. January 15, 2023 the fun will start. This is the dutch training team for teams Sailing Holland and Dutchsail in the third harbor of Scheveningen, The Hague (Holland) Holland Ocean Racing and Ocean races academy VO60's Boudragon and Tokyo 2. Route thanks to @yoyo This is the Dutch boat that will take part in 2023: Team Janssen de Jong former Childhood. Great!
  6. Here she is a full sea, the Mac Gregor 19:
  7. You can ask these guys if they make it for you. They are the ones who cut the numbers. Easliy replaced by chrome of silver looking numbers. West coast sailing
  8. Strangely enough towing tank test are forbidden, so they build a life platform that does about the same thing. But not quitte the same. I saw the movie Wind, fictional Australia win vaguely based on Australia 2 win in 1983. In that movie they do towing test in a river, primitive but effective, this is about the same thing. https://www.imdb.com/video/vi1860305177?playlistId=tt0105824&ref_=tt_ov_vi
  9. Strange, I have seen foil testing in a towing tank and it's been done foil by foil. Anyway towing tank test technology is something better discussed in a laboratory where it belongs.
  10. Pretty curious how this LEQ12 yacht will look like. Here is a suggestion: Strange, I have seen foil testing in a towing tank and it's been done foil by foil. Anyway towing tank test technology is something better discussed in a laboratory where it belongs.
  11. Ha ha, The infamous LEQ 12 yacht will provide for that. It's a big bathtub, to make a real towing test better scale it down to two meters or so.
  12. Does any body know what the weight of the foils of the Te Kahu AC40 will be? This is what the Draft version Tech Regs 1A says about it: That's quitte vague but exact in the same sentence. The AC 45 and 50's by Larry are one design classes in many aspects. This has the same approach. Most mysterious is the LEQ12 yacht: Implying towing test are allowed.
  13. Old fashioned but tasteful. Ticking against the barometer to see if increasing or decreasing is what we mostly do. Humidity is a extra indicator important for keeping a good atmosphere in your house. Doesn't fit in modern interiors I am afraid. Modern version exist in all sizes and price categories.
  14. This 53 foot Amel Super Maramu Named SV Delos is a nice story, He sails to New Zealand, met his wife, takes her on board. Sails 3 times around the world, and have a baby together. A modern fairytale. https://svdelos.com/sailing-travel-blog/amel-super-maramu-2000-sailing-sv-delos/
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