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  1. That makes sense. If you pay the entry fee, you should be eligible to win the race/series (and the trophy). If the host Club wants to award a trophy to the first placed boat from its own register of yachts, that is a completely seperate criteria.
  2. I never raced in the division keelboat fleet when I lived in Hobart, is a boat on the register of BYC or DSS able to win the RYCT Pennant? If not, what is the point of them paying the entry fee to participate in the RYCT races?
  3. That’s where you go back to the NOR (which is a contract between the Organising Authority & the competitors) & review the eligibility. If the Club won’t allow a non member to score first place in an event, that must be clearly stated in the NOR.
  4. If you paid the race entry fee at RPAYC and won the race, I would demand to be presented the trophy.
  5. They are all perpetuals, some are awarded for an individual race while others are for a group of two or more races. Practically, it would be pretty much impossible for a boat from a neighbouring Club to sail enough of our races to feature in the season aggregate.
  6. To look at this from a slightly different angle, does RQYS or its neighbouring Clubs run races on behalf of all the boats in the area? This clause may be to protect their end of season prizes from boats that are not on their register. We do see this occur (unofficially) in Melbourne. If you enter a race at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, irrespective of which Club you come from, if you win the race then you get to come to Presentation Night and have the trophy awarded to you. If you attend the trophy night at RMYS it is amazing how all the trophies are presented to boats on their own regist
  7. No, not at all, he should win it every year. That bloke is an absolute genius. Easily the most deserving winner of the award.
  8. I was in discussion with AS about implementing it when I was CC at RYCV four years ago, the hull files are in existence for most of the boats that race in the Range Series and all of the other measurement data would have been easy to obtain. I was looking at using some of the series sponsorship money to obtain the certificates. Ultimately, I realised that keel boat racing in Port Phillip was in its death throes and another measurement system was not going to revive it.
  9. Seriously, you are trying to tell me that is more "Mickey Mouse" than AMS? The system that is nothing more than a performance handicapping system that you have to pay for?
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