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  1. I just brokered this boat. Farr 36 OD. Sexy piece of kit. Can't wait to sail on her up there! -Snap
  2. I'll agree with that but I do own a CF 27 (my 4th). It will make mincemeat of a WL24 because rig height has serious advantages. I'm selling mine and getting something bigger so message me if you want a great all rounder. -Snap
  3. Sun/UV burned through the clear coat and water got in, per the photos. Sent those with others to the builder and got a candid reply on what it would entail to get it all fixed. Someone should get the boat and do a restoration as long as they're good with cold molded hull repair -Snap
  4. I was interested in Scorpion a few years ago when she was for sale. Had a crew go and look the boat over and take photos. I remember the boat from IOR days in SD and thought she might be a suitable conversion to the EU spec and be competitive. I spoke with one of the prior owners, the builder (Didham) and Doug P, shortly before he passed. The consensus was that even at free the boat was too much. Serious work to be done to repair the wood where it had burned through and was in bad shape. Also, to rebuild with swept spreaders and new mast was an issue due to original layup. For someone wit
  5. Hey Schnick - try contacting Steve Schock who might still have the drawings for the S35 open transom. Schockboats.com -Snap
  6. There's your answer. As you can see, the cockpit was changed up with twin wheels and the interior was really cool.
  7. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Orient Express yet. I saw her in Falmouth, U.K. a few years back. Full refit, probably by Pendennis, and was heading for the Med, I believe.
  8. considering hull #1 was built in 1976, I'd say you got a hell of a deal.
  9. I couldn't agree more. The six hours the Captain was down in his cabin while things went completely pear shaped was also a big factor in the tragedy. Bottom line is they should have done the prudent thing and diverted or even turned back. A 40 year old Ro-Ro is not really a ship you want to go into those conditions. It's a chilling read and the CAPT's final words are haunting. -Snap
  10. There wasn't much "fog of war" on board El Faro at 11am on sept 30.., when they received the weather forecast i have copied below. Conditions were quite good then. this is about 45 hours before the ship sank at 7:40am on Oct 1 I didn't realize that September had 31 days... actually only 8:30 before the ship sank.
  11. Saw the 118 sails up on a boat with red stripes in the NYD race. Guessing that was ACPs hull with the new boats gear? Was just curious to see the new boat go and wasn't sure what the story was. Hope to see you fellas out this Saturday again. Happy New Year and congrats on the new boat. I'm pretty sure those numbers and stripes were supposed to be changed to blue...
  12. I wish I could have seen the 'extraction'. I just got to see it in the nursery and it looks nice.
  13. Let's get it SMS measured and bring it to SD for some Super 20 racing!
  14. Jim, What's the length of the fixed sprit and how are you planning to make it removable for docking/trailering? Chris
  15. I just want to add once again that Espo is a dick. Someone needs to tell him to fuk off!
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