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  1. Fantastic effort from Sunrise. The speed they were achieving downwind was also impressive, high teen average on the tracker, they paced the Ker 40 all the way.
  2. fascinating race. A disadvantage of being ahead with such nasty wind holes. Happened to both Maserati and Skorpios. Impressive efforts from Caro, Daguet 3, Innos, and Sunshine. Innos a HH42 out sailing the TP52s!!!! Sunshine a JPK 1180 showing awesome downwind speed for a IRC shitter. They must be a great design.
  3. looks pretty impressive to me. Beam is still 8m so it will have the same righting moment as any other 12 ton 8m wide boat. Just have to reef earlier when cruising. Its motion at sea will be very good with the narrower beam as well. Also down wind she will handle beautifully with the narrower beam.
  4. To add to the discussion boat is a 50' sailing cat. Existing powertrain is a 33hp turbo diesel shaft drive on one side. I custom built it and it weighs 108kg. It drives the boat at 8.2kn at 2000rpm which will equate to roughly 15 kw. Other side is a 25hp high thrust Yamaha outboard which retracts into the hull and pushes the boat at 7kn. Combined both motors push the boat at 10.6kn no wind. The Aquarius engine example weighs 10kg and produces 25 kw of power easily but it is a prototype. I am sure there are other operating engines out there. Perhaps a fuel cell would wo
  5. We all want electric drives, quiet , light etc etc. However for any long range cruising/deliveries time is important so for me for electric drives to be a success we would need the ability to motor at eight knots in no wind for say 24 hours at a time. (This requires 16kw of continuous power) So to go electric we would need a quiet generator that can produce say 25kw of power. A diesel generator is simply way too heavy. Petrol is Ok as we have a dedicated place for a generator that is isolated from the rest of the boat, vented etc etc. I see a few clever people have develope
  6. I went down the lithium start track 4 years ago. We had to put a couple of large capacitors in the battery to balance out the 200amp initial crank load. Works perfectly now. We also limited the battery pulldown to 60 % so that if you leave bilge on etc etc and flatten the battery flick a switch and it will still start the engine. Whole thing weighs about 8 kg Any good battery manufacturer should be able to do this.
  7. Yes Rocket 780 (especially the lightning 8 version) is a huge step up from a E 7 type in terms of usability.
  8. Double the turn radius ( the radius you are using for a large catamaran is unrealistic) and increase the tiller offset inboard to 12% and it will get closer
  9. Our set up: tillers are connected using 2 carbon tubes running to a traveler car mounted in the centre of the boat. Wheel rope then connects to the traveler car as well.(same as what you have I think) This system is positive, light and has the added benefit that if one wheel fails brakes etc you have another independent system. I would not worry about the Ackerman thing, it is not a beach cat.
  10. All that F18 says is true but it also adds a degree of instability into the system and calibration is more difficult. For basic TWA AWA boat speed etc the vulcan should do it OK.
  11. well done on just finishing in one piece. rolling like that for 2 weeks must have been a tough gig, but I am sure a great experience none the less.
  12. We run a complete B&G H5000 system. I am seeking alternatives to the system with pretty basic criteria. Accurate wind information, speed, AWA, TWA, wind direction. Boat speed through the water and GPS speed. Current. Clear displays. Autopilot that can steer an accurate course and can also steer well to TWA/AWA. If I could find a reliable simple alternative I would sell the B&G system
  13. I just went through the same issue. new PCB in masthead unit and new bearings in wind speed and many $$$$ and it is working again. Mine was only 3 year old though. H2000 system was quite reliable compared to the new H5000 system so keep it running for as long as possible.
  14. DK 46 may have been a bit hard done by on the handicap stakes/ division. Stuck in with a bunch of plaining boats, if it was upwind different story.
  15. I always thought the design was good from a usable point of view. All the accommodation in the beams makes for a nice workable boat. I think they were all made from polyester saturated ply which may or may not be OK.
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