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  1. Very tough race for some, feel sorry for Poland. Was the tracker delayed!
  2. Can not remember about the dihedral but the boat sailed well. The mast stays had 4 or 6 to one stay tensioners that went to the back beam (like a mainsheet system) so they were eased or tensioned as the hulls were moved in or out, pretty simple system. I don't remember the trampoline snagging but I think the tensioning line that pulled the floats out ran under the tramp and held it up. You could actually swing the hulls out by hand and only had to winch the last bit. Trailering the boat was a pain though.
  3. I owned one of these boats. They are a takeoff of the dragonfly 30 Speed wise when properly set up our boat was faster than a F31 upwind and slower downwind in over 12kn of wind. This is due to the narrow hull of the Contour. Folding is very simple.(ours had a single line that cleats that you put on a winch and winched the hull out) It took no time at all. Structurally the float joint is suspect but also easy to reinforce if required. We also had a daggerboard case problem. The boat is fine for coastal sailing but not an offshore boat. I also upgraded the rudder. Ours
  4. No Multihulls this year, shame.
  5. Not sure about those polars, if true the 40 would be one of the fastest multihulls on the water under 70'. The missus might get a little grumpy as you cruise upwind at 17kn.
  6. What Soma said. Reef 1, maybe 2 if offshore for a reasonable period. If you need a 3rd or 4th reef pull the main down and put up a storm Jib. We went to hooks which means even more line to get tangled but at least it is small. Reef hooks work much better from the point that reef lines tend to break just when you need the main the most.
  7. You can get a taliska fitting with a wire trip. Tie a thin cord to the wire trip and then you can spike the kite tack from the bow easily. In a panic (ie squall etc) spike the tack, the sail will weathervane and you can pull it in where ever it is convenient. In normal conditions don't bother with the spike. Use boat speed and a quick bearaway and the kite will collapse behind the main and jib. Faster the boat is going the easier it will be.(less apparent wind over the boat) Start the drop when the boat is surfing. Short handed also run the halyard forward where you are pulling
  8. Ha, Small world this sailing!!!! He is coming out this weekend. Re the 2hp I believe you can get a 4hp prop which has a lower pitch to go faster, but I may be wrong.
  9. That looks great. Well done, the cat looks good too? What is its story?
  10. Yep I believe they are awesome boats. Got to love waterline length as well.
  11. No. He means that chain plates and high load block take offs etc are all made out of carbon and integrated into the boat build so there is no bolting. On a good build you can eliminate many potential leak/ water ingress points. Eg all stanchion post bases should be carbon or glass solid built into the boat so the stanchion can sit over it. Easy to change stanchions and no penetration in the boat. Same with winch bases etc etc solid laminate in these areas (no core) and tapped bolts straight into the laminate means no leaks and no nuts sticking through from underneath. They will neve
  12. The race this year started with 15 prospective entries and finished with 3. Rushour completed her 8th Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race, coming 1st on OMR by just 69 seconds to Rex, the big Orma 60 trimaran followed by Storm Bay, the Chamberlain 14. This is by far the windiest race we've done, with up to 40 knots of wind over long periods of time and big seas. We completed the race in 23 hours, 3 hours slower than our fastest win in 2019. We started with reefed main and full jib, crossing the star
  13. Looks like breeze on ..... coming from the right direction at least. 2 NSW boats not coming so a very small fleet now. Not sure how to encourage more boats to participate in these coastal races.
  14. Brisbane to Gladstone is on again starting good Friday. 320nm coastal race that is run in parallel with the Monohulls. Multi start is roughly a 1/2 hour later and we have a beat to windward as well, before we head off towards Gladstone I think we are down to 8 multihulls as Top Gun is stranded in Sydney. There will be an interesting mix of fast and slow boats. This is the rough entry list Listed in order of handicap rating: Rex ORMA 60 ex Vodophone. Rogntungu Crowther Southern Ocean 58. Light Carbon pod cat. Boss Racing. 38' cat Rushour 15m racer cruiser
  15. maybe a useful thread, how to save weight....
  16. Weather looks "challenging" If I was doing it we would need to bring beer.
  17. You have me worrying about mine too now!!!!
  18. I think red cedar hulls are probably the best of all. Strength wise it is nearly unbeatable and water retention is minimal. Don't be afraid of ply or balsa either in a old boat. (I would never build a boat out of balsa but...) A very thorough survey with a moisture meter will soon tell if there are problems. If the boat is dry after all this time it will most likely stay that way. Don't drill any new holes in it.
  19. Thanks for the info Lowgroove, I have come to the same conclusion except we have pushed our new sail out to 75.01% because of the omr rule. I have a furler that can either do bottom up or top down. Am going to try and do bottom up first as I dislike the super tight furl in the top of the sail with top down. We will be running the sail tack up about500mm and will crank it down to furl. That helix sounds like the go ...if only I had bought bitcoin 5 years ago.
  20. Really valuable video, everyone should watch it. We capsized a multi doing the exact opposite as explained in the video ie eased the main, heady took control of the boat 40kn gust could not head up quick enough ..... slow sideways capsize. The whole capsize was caused by not easing the heady. Any depowering now is done with Heady first. Before we actually did it I would have never thought the heady would have been able to capsize the boat. The other point made was not to bear away when reaching when flying a hull. Reason for that is that hull is already under pressure suppo
  21. I wonder if it would be feasible to get an older class 40 and build a new bow section for it, a lot cheaper than a new boat. i also wonder if a bigger more protected cockpit would not be better over a longer race.
  22. Not sure that the 11% sheeting angle is the problem. You should be able to sail at 45 degrees TWA using 11.5% sheeting so maybe work on other areas first. Optimum sheeting angle is around 9 or10 degrees which is only 1.5 less than what you have now It is easy to choke a multihull by over sheeting. Sail shape? Too full? mast rotation? Try centering the mast. You should be able to point as high as a mono but you will only be going the same speed as a mono as well......which would be lower vmg. You need to work out your upwind target speed as well, maybe 9kn above 1
  23. Pretty sure she did the Caribbean 600 in 2019. if she is truly 6 ton she should be very fast but it is not that easy to get the most out of big cats. There was a video somewhere of her 2 sail reaching at 22 kn with little fuss. Nice looking boat. She uses round beams as her main beams which may mean she is not that stiff torsional wise, but who knows.
  24. All these multis are faster with less people but it is easier to sail with more and is more fun. Our goal is to sail with 5 but we nearly always sail with more. We often have mono sailors come out. One strange experience was a sceptic standing in the protected cabin casually stating "these cats are slow aren't they" when someone pointed out that we were doing 18kn he promptly sat down and was gripping the seat. He did enjoy it after a while .
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