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  1. i did not even know this guy was hooked
  2. Had my first ever Red Head Woodpecker on the suet Sunday. Photo is not mine, got it off the web. I am hoping to see it again when i have my phone handy so i can get a photo.
  3. The land owner that lets me deer hunt on his property bought an expensive AR platform with the first 2 checks, the next check will be invested in a Leopold scope that will probably cost more than $1400 - he loves the free expensive toys. His only complaint is not being able to find ammo for it anywhere and he loves to punch holes in paper with it on his farm property shooting range.
  4. it has been a while since I used the smoker. A local store had a great deal on brisket and since the forecast was for sunny and 45° F today I decided to go for it. Dam glad I did, it is cow perfection.
  5. very rare sighting. we might never see these in the wild...
  6. Ol' man winter stopped by with a little gift for us
  7. I am so glad you were able to take in Bella, she deserves a great home after being with Austin. I never met him, but I read the string of his passing and we probably have common friends on portage lake in Onekama. I have spent quite a few weekends in the area fishing and sailing on the lake. No matter their age, GSP's are very good friends. Josi just turned 3 last month. We imported her from a breeder in Austin Texas - weird how things like that work. I attached a video of her the day we brought her home from the airport. What a character she was then and still is . The photo of her
  8. I stole this meme, thought it was funny
  9. I have done smoked pork from the freezer then Sous Vide. I used 10 Lbs. of country style ribs and smoked them for 2 hours. Put 2 Lbs. in a plastic dish and covered with BBQ sauce then froze in the sauce for 24 hours. Took the bowl out of the freezer, put the bottom in hot water to release the frozen meat & sauce block then vac-packed the block. Put in the Sous Vide for 18 hours at 154°F and made pulled pork grinders with it after searing in the oven. Sharp provolone cheese, vinegar based coleslaw and a smear of Mayo with the pulled pork on the grinders. Also put my 9 pepper t
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