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  1. Once in a while you can really make me laugh. Thanks
  2. The list so far sounds more than complete but... what about the whales? https://boston.cbslocal.com/2021/06/11/lobster-diver-swallowed-by-whale-cape-cod-michael-packard/
  3. I was going to say cruise missiles, but yeah, that works too.
  4. Fairwinds. This is sad news.
  5. That was last week's price, it's more expensive now.
  6. That's an outrage. We are NOT nicer!
  7. I have had minor success with www.boats.net. Although, my needs have been pretty mainstream , water pumps and a carb rebuild kit.
  8. Or call Blue Water Yachts which has a parts department for all things Macgregor. Home depot would have that tubing, though.
  9. I have a macgregor 25 with the same setup. No electrical tape. It occurs to me that if the bottom of the hose were actually below water you would see water in the bottom of the clear hose. So, two things, the bottom of the hose is not below water, and the hose is clear so that we can actually know that. Roger wasn't such a bad guy after all.
  10. ^ This, plus who the hell buts cinder.blocks on their roof?
  11. What? There's no nuns in Poland?
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