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  1. You can enable telnet in Windows 10 . https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/38433.windows-10-enabling-telnet-client.aspx
  2. Individual responsibility, what a concept.
  3. Here's to our Chesapeake muck.
  4. I recall a couple of guys who made the trip leaving in December 2004 in a Chrysler Buccaneer with a 1982 Johnson sail master that I donated. They made the trip to Florida with no real problems and blogged it all the way. The trick I think was that they had no schedule. Enjoy.
  5. Must be a newlywed, most guys go wife deaf out of self preservation.
  6. I thought so too, until today when I got to try my new one. Reason I installed it is that the old one, installed in 2004 was unreadable. I had always blamed the bad readings on our Chesapeake mud bottom. The first transducer I had attached to the inside of the hull with a gob of silicone caulk. It would read once in a while but more often read ---. The new one came with a slow curing epoxy and in an unusual moment I actually followed the instructions. It worked. It worked right at the dock. It worked all day long. I'm still amazed at how well it worked.
  7. Yes, but first post us the video.
  8. Clip... The calendar and job vacation balance limitations are evils that must be abolished. I think we may have found the new "sailors rights" movement.
  9. The age is 12 now, is it not?
  10. That settles it, I'm not gonna try that trip in my 1982 MacGregor 25.
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