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  1. Our boat was delivered with what looks like a rubber bushing/collar material that is cut to a length of probably 8-10 inches. It looks like it will only go around a portion of the mast. I need to trial fit on the mast section tomorrow to see how much it covers. We do have a rubber boot that is on the mast that can slide over the bushing material and then we would add tape over that.
  2. Hi there, We are taking delivery of a mint 2002 J/80 today and will be commissioning it in a couple of weeks. In setting up the mast after stepping, centering, and setting up with base shroud tension, the next step is inserting the mast wedges/chocks. The original J/80 setup guide from the manufacturer suggests wedges/chocks only aft and forward of the mast. Is this accurate and no side wedges/chocks are needed? We have a flexible collar that will fit over the area and then we will seal that with "tape". "Tape" I am assuming is probably a good rigging tape, appreciate any suggestions
  3. We just bought a mint J-80 in Michigan that is equipped with a Boomkicker vang using twin fiberglass rods that act like a leaf spring under compression from the weight of the boom or from tension from a purchase system. In our search for a boat before we found this one, we had never seen the Boomkicker design with most boats we observed having a pneumatic or spring loaded rod system controlled by a purchase. Pros or cons for the Boomkicker? Thanks!
  4. Looking for post 2000 J-80 in good to very good condition for purchase. Budget for purchase not to exceed $40K. Please contact eliseread@outlook.com or bobh79@bellsouth.net. Thanks for any leads!
  5. No offense taken but I've competed against said Olympic medalist since he was a teenager and while I don't have an Olympic medal in my resume, I have podium finishes and wins at class championships that range from Laser, Snipe, VX One, Rhodes 19 (!), Corsair, and of course my favorite A-Class catamaran to name a few. I believe the battle we had in that long distance race showed the ratings we had were accurate for the conditions. Said Olympic medalist even commented on that to me after the race was over.
  6. I should have said Corsair trimarans (all models) do not foil. Again, they are very similar to a planing sportboat and could be treated as such with appropriate ratings. I know also that some PHRF fleets would split performance boats that can plane from strictly displacement boats and the Corsairs could fit into that kind of scenario. Yacht racing at all levels is currently a stagnant sport at best. We need to be more open to how to make it more inclusive for more boats and type of boats to participate.
  7. I agree Sam. You have the issues above no matter what types of boats are racing. I would have to believe the PRO is given the authority to establish the average wind strength for a given race and his/her word is final.
  8. Trimarans do not foil. Make sure you are not confusing a trimaran with a foiling catamaran. Small beach or foiling catamarans are not pertinent to this discussion. Corsair trimarans are very, very similar to a planing sportboat (i.e. think Melges 24/32 in comparison) with the primary difference being our righting moment comes from the floats rather than a bulb keel on a fin. At a certain hull speed, the center hull will plane just as a sport boat hull does after it exceeds hull speed. We did a 100 mile distance race from Gulfport, MS to Pensacola, FL several years ago. The start was
  9. I’m the owner of a Corsair 24’ long Sprint 750 trimaran that we sail and race on the Gulf coast. We have a PHRF rating of 33 that we use not only when racing other trimarans but we also use it for some local club racing in mixed fleets. The rating in my opinion is actually quite fair relative to other performance sportboats in PHRF. In light air (under 10 knots), we have to work our butts off to correct against any well sailed displacement monohull especially if there is any significant amount of dead downwind sailing. When the wind builds solidly above 12-14 knots, we have to be pretty sloppy
  10. I agree with this totally. They need to re-think the afterguard configuration in terms of someone ALWAYS giving Barker clear and concise input/feedback. It was disturbing to hear Goodison speak out twice that the tack and bear away was the higher risk maneuver when you consider the bear away followed by jibe was lower risk and took them further down the track. It was like Barker and Hutchison did not even hear/acknowledge his concerns. Serious soul searching in order considering the stakes and the hole they have dug for themselves.
  11. The tip speeds at average wind speeds are around 120 mph, at max turbine speed, the tip speeds are around 180 mph. They are killing machines to any wildlife that gets near them. They are a significant threat to avian wildlife when the turbines are put in sensitive areas. The entire Gulf of Mexico is a primary migratory route and there is really no way to measure the impact other than seeing if the species decline after the offshore wind farms are in place. You can’t do a dead bird count because there will be no dead birds to count. In the western civilized world, I’d much rather see us de
  12. The opening line here is another blast at the current resident of the White House that he will block this while implying what a wonderful thing to develop wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. Well I hope the President does stop this project (Biden certainly won’t). The dirty fact is these wind farms will be placed in the path of the primary migratory bird routes between North America and South America. And another dirty fact is that there will be no evidence of the carnage because the birds those spinning turbines kill fall into the Gulf and disappear.
  13. Kudos to the Ed on the boat reviews, keep em coming. But I do have to chuckle a bit at him on this one with a black T-shirt with RESIST doing a review on a boat that screams WHITE PRIVILEGE. Might need to fire the wardrobe director!
  14. Looks like New Orleans will get grazed by Marco and Lake Charles will get the brunt of Laura if current NHC forecast tracks hold. Marco is pretty small, Laura might turn into a mean bitch. Feel like we might dodge a bullet here in Covington on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain.
  15. How well does the mast hinge work? We bought one but it’s pretty heavy. Is it through bolted or just screwed into the deck? Thanks.
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