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  1. Ok. So dare I stick my foot into this mess again... Awhile ago someone posted a shot of Jesus on a Motorcycle... Anybody know where to find that? Want to post that on my ID. Now ducking back into fox hole....
  2. Is Soanya pregnant? Did anyone see the youtube interview from May of 2008?

  3. [Oh, and STFU. This is totally fucking ridiculous! Thank you, thank you very much! Is the STFU thing like a right of passage or something? This whole weird thing is like the peach pit you chucked into the backyard and actually grew into a tree... Motorcycle
  4. You are the cause!!!

    You !

    You have consumed many lifetimes with your evil thread

  5. I don't know if anyone else saw this article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070422/ap_on_.../longest_cruise Apparently all you need to sail around the world is (1) a life raft donated by your ex-wife and (2) a tiny girlfriend who is going to freak the fuck out as soon as the north atlantic starts and the hudson ends. Good scam tho'. They did get the shits donated, and can just roll to the islands and fake the logs for the trip...
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