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  1. The guidepost I initially used was 10 to 20% of the as-new price of the boat; for the 29, that was around $150k I figured (I bought it used). My number over the last 6 years cruising her was probably closer to 10% per year. That was doing a bunch of work myself and keeping everything in good but not flawless condition. Also we had done a major overhaul before cruising in the Bahamas. Chicago is easier on boats generally with the fresh water. Just try to get a slip, as Monroe moorings can be very rolly and beat the boat up a bit. Anyway, half the fun is dreaming about the things you'll do when
  2. Think you made a good choice. My first boat with my wife and 2 kids was a Dehler 29, which had the same interior arrangement as the j-boat. It is a great setup for young families - we sailed it for close to a decade - Chicago to the Bahamas, then up the East coast. Also a smaller boat will let you maintain it properly...
  3. The US marines discovered that horsepower was the answer for the expeditionary vehicle. Needed to plane at 25+ knots IIRC. They canceled it, because of cost. Probably doesn't row well, either. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expeditionary_Fighting_Vehicle
  4. It should be possible; the BMW i3 uses a similar setup with a small gasoline powered generator to power the car for extended range. Of course, it might require a $5000 charge adapter...
  5. Over-engineering solutions are critical on live-aboards. You never know when the $hit hits the fan, and overbuilt anchor + rode setup is essential. Hence the reason most experienced long-term cruisers end up with all chain. We originally had 10m + 100 feet of 8-plait on a 29 foot racer/cruiser. Swapped it out for all chain after 4 months, despite the weight (which did effect the sailing performance somewhat). Made a huge difference in how the boat handled at anchor. Also, it didn't wrap around the keel in wind vs. tide situations. I would never replace it for a dynamic line like the one descri
  6. Yeah, but still no guidance on how to predict it or what conditions should be avoided. Also no discussion of current, which I find odd.
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