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  1. Spent 10+ years entertaining us in a rhythm and sequence only Hobot can do. that'll never be matched. Only to see his hard work vanish in one click! I'd be pissed too. Probably needs a break from this place. Let's hope he comes back with a vengeance.
  2. RIP sir. Part of Laker legend
  3. Just bring back the random pic thread and all will be forgiven!
  4. The best thread on the net! Hope it recovers or someone's got some splaining to do. If it doesn't, a huge thanks Hobot for keeping us all entertained.
  5. I went to that store when it first opened. Its tiny compared to the fountain valley store. On a side note....tequila willies had the best happy hours!
  6. Maybe this had something to do with it's demise! https://www.mercurynews.com/2008/12/22/frys-exec-accused-of-65-million-fraud-to-pay-off-gambling-debts/
  7. Was at "the Hat" last weekend. Pastrami sammich and gravy fries. The bomb! BnG where does one get a sammy like that?
  8. She got the Keith Richards treatment!
  9. Sailmaker needs to re-learn his craft! That "liasniaM" don't look right.
  10. I use to test toys here, mainly hot wheels, when i was a kid. They would set us in a room full of toys an see which ones we would gravitate to. I always chose hot wheels!
  11. The x-70 solved that problem. At least in theory!
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