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  1. The judge is Kyle's ex-wife (I think). She's not there. The lady on the right, texting and showing little or no concern about the gun wielding Kyle or the soon to be dead Chad, is Kyle's current squeeze, and Chad's ex-wife, and mother of Chad Jr.. She's a hussy. The lady filming from the car, and equally unconcerned about Chad's death, is Chad's current girlfriend (or wife, not sure). Her and Chad don't have what most people would call a strong relationship since after hooking up, she's figured out Chad is a douche nozzle. But she hangs in there anyway because she's not exactly a real "keeper"
  2. I think what explains most of what you are seeing is that no one gives a crap about Chad. Everyone expected Chad to get killed one day. Even at an early age his mother probably said, "Chad, you're kind of a dick and you're probably going to get shot someday." After shooting Chad, even Kyle said something to the effect of, "I told you this was going to happen. Chad's a dick." His ex-wife is practically rolling her eye going, "Oh yeah, no one saw that coming. Fucking Chad." I'm pretty sure when Chad Jr. grows up and hears what a douche bag Chad was, and sees the video, he'll give daddy Kyle a pa
  3. Yeah I know. I think that is a bad call on their part. Understandably the harness is kind of a double-edged sword. On one hand you could get trapped under the boat in a capsize and drown. On the other hand if you fall off the boat, you could find yourself in a very big ocean/bay watching your weta sail away, and then drown. I think if racing, or in a very protected area, with plenty of other boats around to help should you become separated, wearing the harness is probably optional. If you are sailing solo in open water or large bays where swimming to shore is not possible or help is not i
  4. Yes. For max speed and minimum spray, put your ass on the ama. Wearing the harness (highly recommended) will support your back while you are out there allowing you to hike for hours with minimum fatigue. Like this: It's actually quite comfy. Some people put a rubber pad on the ama for extra comfort. Upwind your goal it to have the weather ama just above the water. The boat in the picture looks a little over powered, but as long as the leeward rack/trampoline isn't underwater all the time, you're ok. If you find you are having to constantly easy the main to keep the boat flat, add do
  5. Yeah. For some reason it sounds like a John Mellencamp song to me. Little ditty about Kyle and Chad Two American idiots growin' up in the heartland Kyle, he's gonna be a 2A star Chad's dying bleeding on Kyle's porch Oh yeah, Kyle goes on Long after the killin' of Chad is done I say, oh yeah say Kyle goes on Long after the killin' of Chad is done Now walk on
  6. @chum Never mind. Found it here: https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/Fulltext/2021/08000/Ivermectin_for_Prevention_and_Treatment_of.7.aspx Before you hitch your wagon to that horse, you may want to read this: https://www.politifact.com/article/2021/jun/30/what-know-about-pro-ivermectin-groups-study-toutin/ It references that study directly. And you may want to have a look at this: https://www.sciencealert.com/meta-studies-like-those-on-ivermectin-promote-poorly-done-research-scientists-argue Also note that what you are referencing is a meta-re
  7. Oh, by the way... "Numerous sources indicated to EverythingLubbock.com the shooter had a close connection to a State District Judge in Lubbock." Pretty sure 'ol Kyle isn't going to be charged.
  8. Seems like a lot of people get killed by well regulated militia members trying to protect us from a tyrannical government. I guess that's just the price of freedom.
  9. Chad was not well loved. His ex-wife didn't seem too upset about the whole affair. Busy texting while Chad was dying. Probably getting some GrubHub.
  10. You're off course. Steer new heading https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/215466-black-lives-matter/
  11. To be fair, I think the videos show that Kyle got flung off the porch when Chad (He Who is of The Dead) grabbed the gun. However, Kyle was not being pursued by Chad. Chad just stands there when Kyle double taps him. At no point in the video does it look to me like Kyle is in fear for his life. In fact, he looks rather nonchalant about going in to the house a grabbing his gun. I think he would have a hard time claiming self-defense, but it's Texas, so...
  12. If you have a video showing Jamal and Dontrell having a domestic argument resulting in a killing, then please start a thread and we'll be happy to discuss it. I don't think anyone here is fixating on the color of the participants in this little adventure other than you. We're trying to figure out whether or not it is self defense in Texas giving the circumstances. No one gives a fuck who is murdering who in Chicago, St. Louis, or Kalamazoo. Just saying.
  13. I don't know if Kyle will be arrested or even charged, but I do know that since Chad is currently dead and not injured, he will not be taking up a hospital bed that could otherwise be used by a Covid denier. Gold star for Kyle.
  14. In addition, after Chad gives Kyle the fling off the deck, he makes no threatening movement towards Kyle. He just stands there talking more smack. The real mystery here is why Chad is not armed. He should have known better.
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