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  1. Monday I believe. Not much in the video, but the sound is fucking terrifying.
  2. These guys weren't so lucky. Bombardier CL 600 went in at Truckee. God have mercy.
  3. At this point, the only thing I...fuck, never mind.
  4. Next up: Nacrophilia noun sexual intercourse with or attraction towards dead catamarans.
  5. I know. When I first read it I thought, "What the hell? The answer is clearly green. These people are crazy."
  6. Looks like the Green/Gaetz rioters are "political prisoners" narrative wasn't received so well. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/565069-protesters-shut-down-greene-gaetz-event
  7. President tries to overthrow government - Fucks Given. Many Fucks. Pelosi didn't fill out a Form-12B3 correctly - No Fucks Given. Not a One. Review:
  8. Strangely, I really don't care if the response and planning was the worst or best. It is completely overshadowed by the magnitude of the event. Just like I really don't care how well FDNY planned and responded to 9/11. When the rioters engaged the police, whether the police were fully prepared and shot every single rioter dead before they got up the stairs, or whether they were completely overrun, is completely irrelevant to the fact that a sitting president just tried to pull off a coup. Putting Pelosi's role in this as anything other than Planck level minuscule is utter BS. After we co
  9. Fuck me! I hate tests. Score: 172 You are in the top 25 percent of Americans when it comes to authoritarian inclinations. Those who fall in this range often have a pronounced predilection for a would-be strongman as their leader, especially when they are fearful or when culture wars are raging. When an autocratic leader makes little secret of his or her disdain for the norms and niceties of democracy and mocks or belittles his critics and political opponents, some in this area may welcome that brawling style as indicative of the toughness needed to solve what they consider the nation’
  10. Trump and his dipshit fuckwads are solely responsible for the riot. The damage caused by the riot and the response to the riot can be debated. Trump and everyone of his little minions should be in jail right now. The only debate we should be having is whether to shoot them or throw them in prison for life. End of story.
  11. It's almost like the police and mayor didn't expect such a high level of tourism. Shame on them.
  12. It's the penance you have to pay for being such a cantankerous, obnoxious MF'er.
  13. Be nice to have some of your local friends and you take that garbage pile over to their hotel/motel and give to back to them. That's f'ing inexcusable. Good work BTW.
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