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  1. Anyone know if the start will be streamed?
  2. Fishing boats cruising through the fleet. Yikes.
  3. Might be a bit late, but it would be great if they could move the start line into the sun. Safer too.
  4. Lots of fog offshore, visibility looks quite poor. I hope there aren't any collisions.
  5. Here's a French feed of the start as well, for another video feed. EDIT: actually, it looks like it's the same feed.
  6. Disappointed that they don't have a proper app published on Google Play yet.
  7. Yeah, I'm wondering if any changes were made.
  8. So no pics of the modified HB foils before the pontoons were closed?
  9. No pictures of the recent changes made to the HB foils yet?
  10. Gone! I wonder what is being protected. I suspect that a cat was let out of the bag in the video.
  11. It doesn't inspire confidence that they're tweaking the foils this late in the game.
  12. I'd curious to know why you feel that way about their foils.
  13. I think from a cost analysis, if the sponsors weighed a $10k fine against a DNS, or delayed start, they would gladly eat the $10k. A fine would be a horrible idea.
  14. My heart is with the ATR team. I got to sail with some of them years ago, delivering their Volvo60 HB (formally Assa Abloy) from Monaco to Kiel. I was a fan before then and even more so now. BUT, nothing would give me more pleasure to see Davies take the win. Her performances in the Defi, Vendee Arctique, and Transat show that she's very capable. It would not surprise me at all to see her on the podium.
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