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  1. Unfortunately, Xeon hit the nail on the head with respect to the Sunfish class and LP.
  2. Lee and Will are so nice and charitable towards the boat manufacturer...
  3. Those are strong words. Can you provide some evidence? Did you participate?
  4. Something else Which manufacturer supplied the boats for the current ILCA Worlds?
  5. Scott W has done an excellent job as secretary of District 11. I am confident he will do the same at the North American level.
  6. Those will be picked up (at a discount) by resorts etc. Not sure how big a market that will be.
  7. The 2021 Sunfish Worlds are now history, but you could easily qualify for the next one (2022) in Italy. The Class needs some from Down Under
  8. Five more requests for redress due to equipment failure on the last day of racing. PS: I hate to be in the shoes of the owner of Sunfish Direct. This company bought all the boats and is selling them.
  9. Redress was given in most cases, although there's RRS 62.1. At an earlier Sunfish Worlds the connection between my tiller and extension ('universal') broke. Without a functioning tiller extension, one cannot be competitive and I had to throw in the towel. My request for redress was rejected because, according to the Protest Committee, I was responsible for my boat, even though it was chartered (and new). They cited RRS 62.1 (b). I was told that if another boat had caused the failure, I would be given redress. Confusing, isn't it?
  10. Yes, if that hasn't become clear by now. Among others, problems with the traveler/bridle tearing off the deck Boom blocks coming off Wind was strong, gusting into the mid-twenties, but Sunfishes should be able to handle that without issues.
  11. Nobody knows. LP is building Sunfish hulls without internal foam supports. Old timers are not happy; that's for sure.
  12. There's a guy over here in the USA who also doesn't pay his bills... And since he loves show biz, perhaps The Sheriffs could do a show on him. Many refer to him as TFG (The Former Guy).
  13. The Laser Class will soon have some vacancies in their leadership. Both Beat Heinz (chair) and Andreas Döring (executive secretary) will resign at the next General Meeting. This seems like a great opportunity for Wess! Members only: FREE tickets to the upcoming Zoom meeting (Saturday Oct 30 at 1400 CET). Who would want to pass that up...
  14. Wess isn't well informed about developments within the Sunfish class. The fact is that Sunfish are now manufactured in Portugal (nothing wrong with that) BUT the build process has been changed significantly. No more internal foam structures. Many knowledgeable Sunfish racers predict that this will effect the longevity of the hulls. The class (ISCA) can only provide input, but has no rights since they don't own the plans.
  15. What's the (US) cost for a beginners' wing foiling kit? Does a beginner need/want a FOILING board?
  16. Thanks for the responses! I found the language 'shall not (a) prohibit a boat from competing' difficult to understand... But then, I am not a (sea) lawyer
  17. Prior to the start, boat commits a foul and wants to make amends (do a turn). But then there's a general recall. Does the skipper still have to do a turn in the next sequence?
  18. It's their new ILCA! LP finally saw the light...
  19. Did anyone really think that US sailors had a chance for a gold medal, or any medal, for that matter? Prior results weren't promising at all...
  20. I often read that video 'evidence' can be misleading and doesn't carry much weight, if any, at a protest meeting. Surprised that in this case the video 'overruled' the tracker.
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