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  1. Quite similar to the ones from SEA and Rooster.

    SEA also has one with just a waist band, rather than straps. I have the SEA one with the straps, but they tend to come off; a minor nuisance.


  2. 2 hours ago, Gouvernail said:

    Absolutely no sane person has ever gone into the Business of building small racing sailboats because it was seen as the best financial possibility for investment.

    in fact, that statement pretty much applies to anything having to do with sailing. 

    Those of us who serve sailing do so because the personal rewards exceed the value of the money we could have accumulated instead. 


    If you think there is a person doing something anywhere in the world of sailing who is in it purely for the money you are a misguided ignorant person. 


    Gouv doesn't seem to remember a fellow by the name of Rastegar...

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    7 hours ago, RobbieB said:

    So, I've heard someone is circling their wagons in NA to become an ILCA builder.....I think the next 6 months will be interesting.

    I doubt that this idea will come to fruition.

    Too many builders as it stands IMHO; I would not be surprised if one of the current builders will throw in the towel before too long. 

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  4. 14 hours ago, Gouvernail said:

    I see a lack of “doing the things I believe are necessary to build the game.”

    a few people are doing some stuff locally but I simply do not see any of the National or North American level support ( I think is fundamental and necessary)  from anyone. 

    Scott W has done an excellent job as secretary of District 11. I am confident he will do the same at the North American level.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Gouvernail said:

    Posted one hour ago on their Facebook page:


    After an extensive evaluation process analyzing every single detail of the boat both on and off the water we are glad to announce that The Laser is officially being produced in Portugal! 

    #laser #laserperformanceboats #laserperformance





    Those will be picked up (at a discount) by resorts etc.

    Not sure how big a market that will be.

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