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  1. Buyers better start practicing capsize recoveries... http://propercourse.blogspot.com/ (Nov 4)
  2. The builders have to sign off and they don't drink tea together these days.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, I will get an Annapolis test sail.... Wouldn't that be loverly?
  4. Remember, the Lasers used in the 2012 Olympics were not 'legal'. Furthermore, the IOC is such a potentate that it will disregard the current dispute between Kirby and LP. ILCA will just kiss the ground and say 'thank you' to whatever happens at the Olympics. The analogy of where to seat the elephant may be appropriate.
  5. Don't hold your breath...
  6. No hurries mate; looking forward to its final version. But let's remember that West Coast is a dealer and that he can't, or won't, point out any really negative experiences in his written review.
  7. Athough the class organization (ILCA) may be in disarray, this really hasn't effected Laser sailing as such. In my neck of the woods (USA), it's sailing as before. Frostbiting, club racing, Regional and National championships all have good turnouts. I might be reluctant to buy a new boat though, but this only effects Laser Performance and the dealership that would sell me the boat. So far, my current (2004) one is holding up. Even though the D-zero and RS-Aero look mighty nice, it will be a long time for them to catch up with the Laser as far as numbers and opportunities to race are co
  8. How do these boats compare to the updated (2nd generation) Byte?
  9. Disheartening, since the reason given for the change in the Fundamental Rule was to secure an uninterrupted supply of Lasers...
  10. I sail a 2004 Laser and might consider updating. But I live in LP land and would be a fool to do this right now because I don't want to be hassled about plaques (whether on a Torch or a Laser). I doubt I am the only one in this position. My point is that LP may be hurting not selling boats to folks like me. Even though Rastegar may not be a real sailing enthusiast, his pocket book is probable talking. And this might bring his lawyer to the table. Perhaps it's already happening; see post 1076 and the follow-up...
  11. I am sorry to write that I can't discern a meaningful contribution to what is a (mostly) a serious conversation (an anomaly perhaps on this Forum).
  12. It has been said several times in this thread by someone else (not me) that LPE do not care for the "racing" market. Apparently, it's the recreational market they're after. If that is true, then they don't give a rat's ass about being ILCA certified or ISAF plaques. That can't be LPE's strategy; they are not that stupid. When is the last time you have seen a Laser at a beach resort? I can only think of The Bitter End. If a resort has any sailboats, they are likely to be Hobies or Sunfishes.
  13. Good points, Gouv. I am especially appalled by the reasoning given at the time by ILCA (Heini Wellmann et al) to change the Fundamental Rule. The argument, as I understood it, was to have a steady supply of boats and parts, so that the class could continue to prosper. Now look at the mess we are in. And I am not just talking about the quality of LP made hulls and the stuttering supply chain of parts. ILCA has managed to split the class in warrying camps. Inadvertently, I agree, but the prior management team certainly showed a lack of foresight and managed to alienate Bruce Kirby at the s
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