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  1. S-curving isn't really used by Laser sailors to prevent capsizes. It is used to go fast, especially in waves.

    Sailing by the lee ('4th dimension') is the way to go in a Laser downwind if your primary goal is to stay right side up.

    No idea about the Force 5 though...


    2 hours ago, tillerman said:

    What happened to all the GGM Radial sailors? 

    If only I had know I could have borrowed one of those superfast OVI-ILCAs and been first GGM ILCA 6 at UK Nationals.

    You could still try the TLC Nationals for glory, assuming there is such an event in the near future...

  3. On 8/15/2020 at 3:04 PM, Dart96 said:

    ISA Content I'd like:

    Laser tacking. Reasons?

    1) Most/all vids are on water from a distance.

    2) Tend to be from behind, so front foot obscured.

    3) Ones from mast top cam have sail obscuring the action.

    So I'd like you to produce a short maybe 1 minute vid land based, mast and boom in right place but no sail. Mount the boat on an axis to allow heel and have a couple of people on ropes to the mast to do the heeling. Three cameras, Stern, bow, mast. Do part of the vid in slow mo.

    Thanks in advance!

    The 'Cabarete' DVD (Advanced Laser Boat Handling)  is excellent for improving tacking and jibing in different conditions.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bill5 said:


    One of the last Lasers built in the USA, I suspect, before LP closed up in RI.

    #210546 was built in the UK, unless the plaque on my chariot is false. Yes, I know LP doesn't have a good record in that respect.

    And notwithstanding Fred's 2016 posts, I would like to see evidence that LP moved Laser production to China in those days.

    BTW, any word out of that 'wonderful' new LP/LPE facility in Portugal?

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  5. Somewhat related, I have done lots of crazy stuff on a Laser; capsized, hit my head on the boom, death rolled multiple times etc. But I still sail my Laser regularly without fear. 

    Yet, I am afraid of trapezing. Mostly because a young girl in the area died (drowned) after a 420 capsize during high-school practice. By now this is a few years ago, but it still scares me. On the other hand, I would love to try trapezing on some other boat.

    Help, please

  6. Have to agree with Mustang about the change in the web site. I wonder how Kyle, who must have been knowledgeable about these things, never saw the problem(s).


    PS: Did anyone mention that APS used to sell many kinds of boats as well; they were a dealer for quite a few manufacturers (like Vanguard, and its successor with the terrible reputation). But one or two years ago, the racks where one could salivate over new sailing toys got empty. SAD...

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