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  1. A few folks here are misled all too easily by clever (?) LP language. For instance, LP has stated that World Sailing may inspect the building process; with tea and crumpets afterwards, presumably. Superficially, that looks nice, but the fact is that World Sailing doesn't inspect and never has; ILCA does. And LP hasn't allowed ILCA into their facility. Quite simple, really, but too many here are led astray, it appears.
  2. Such a boat would still be missing the ISAF/World Sailing sticker though. Not that I would care, as long as I am ahead (unlikely).
  3. A thought experiment: If one were to buy a new boat in the USA next year or so, and the choice would be between an ILCA dinghy (manufactured in the USA by whoever gets the nod) and an LPE boat (without ILCA sticker), the choice would be relatively straightforward, me thinks. However in Europe, perhaps a more difficult choice: For the weekend sailor, like Heini W, an LPE boat might work, but he wouldn't be able to sail the boat in certain 'bigger' events organized by ILCA, like the Masters Worlds; however, he could charter a 'legal' boat just for the occasion. For the aspiri
  4. Note that the first ten are all from different countries...
  5. Interesting; sailors hanging on for dear life in the Stars
  6. That may be true for 2020, but after that we should have other builders. Moreover, right now, you can buy a wonderful 'club' Laser from LP and enjoy sailing it at many places. LP may even have a few legal ones left.
  7. And what are these ICA dinghies doing on the course?
  8. Doesn't this apply to a certain individual associated with LP?
  9. ILCA's great leader (Tracy) has looked into the future and sees C rigs in the Olympics in (roughly) ten years (2028?). The latter is speculation on my part, but Tracy has clearly stated that white sails (and aluminum spars) are likely to disappear from the racing scene at the higher levels. At the club level, it may take a lot longer, which is totally fine with me. Nevertheless, better start saving, because the C rigs will come at considerable cost. And, as others have written, I doubt there will be a class vote about the change over.
  10. That response is way over the top and mostly erroneous. Whereas the C5 rig may be coming, it has not been legalized by the Class. And the other C rigs are further behind. PSA hasn't change the names either. Now I will go off speculating, but my prediction is that the first 'official' ILCA C5 regatta (with more than 20 boats) will be two years from now in the Pacific area. Maybe three years from now in the North American region. In the meantime, there will be many regattas with close to 100 Laser/ILCA boats where I could embarrass myself. Finally, as Bruce Hudson has already poin
  11. Just got the ILCA Laser Sailor winter issue. Andy Roy (Chairman of the North American region) has some more 'inside' info. LP has signed an NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement) with the Class. But whether LP will sign the agreement presented by the Class remains to be seen. According to Andy, LP now needs to sign the FRAND documents and resolve its construction agreement breaches. To me, that sounds like a sour apple for LP to eat. Interestingly, and notwithstanding all the 'noise' made by EurIlCA leadership and JPK (blogger), only about 11% of the European members actually voted. For N
  12. The Ladies Medal race (2012) is just as interesting as the Men's. Lijia Xu vs Marit Bouwmeester. Their styles remarkably different. Lijia smoother upwind, Marit more movement. But equally fast, it seems. And some great downwinds; on the second one Marit catches quite a few boats after rounding the top mark in eighth position (I think).
  13. What's the relevance of which party started the legal shenanigans many years ago? The main goal should be to get more Laser-like boats on the water and have parts readily available at reasonable cost.
  14. I will offer free rum to Wess and Tillerman if we ever get to sail Sunfish on the same course. And no, it doesn't have to be a Worlds event....
  15. Gouv, I am sorry, but you are not making sense. You keep emphasizing that your primary effort is to have folks come out and play with toys on the water.
  16. I don't think Kim Anderson's letter to EurILCA (post 4852) is a big (or small) surprise, and I thank Tillerman for posting it. I do hope that EurILCA will accept the new state of affairs in our class...
  17. Good Eye! More or less expensive compared to the trademark sail?
  18. To my Eurilca friends: A US (White House) politician recently uttered these infamous words Get over it!
  19. Wess seems all too eager to unpack his Christmas presents prematurely. Or, in racing terms, sometimes, there's no wind, and the start needs to be postponed...
  20. Lo and behold, Kim Andersen and WS Perry appear to be most responsible. Here is a link to the latest directors' and financial report: https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/SP5b2018WorldSailingUKLimitedAccounts-[25637].pdf
  21. WS seems to be living in a (high expense) bubble. High time, someone punctured it.
  22. That's pretty much true for my (frostbiting) fleet as well. People typically upgrade to newer boats, but not new boats.
  23. Who was 'supervising' Andy Hunt while he was loosing all this money? Someone else should be held accountable!
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