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  1. Is it possible that Monsieur Michon has had trouble understanding the (English) legalese in the various documents that were presented to him and others in Europe. These 'legal' documents don't make for easy reading and I note that even on this Forum there is a lot of misunderstanding among sailors whose native language is English as to what is exactly meant.
  2. Not a word of French there in the above Caldecoat (Facebook) post... Too bad really; all we want to do is sail (Lasers, preferably).
  3. Please explain... PS: Maybe I am naïve, but, based on the ILCA FB post, it looks like there has been some progress
  4. Intensity Sails lists some parts for the Laser II
  5. Looks like LP is in a vise grip. Hope that the management finally sees the light.
  6. I do like Emilio's idea of allowing LP back in the game after they make appropriate concessions. Their 'territory' would obviously be smaller. Whistling against the wind?
  7. I sincerely hope that Andy Roy will continue to give us info that can be relied upon. My recommendation to Andy is to wear a life vest and a helmet while on Sailing Anarchy because some of the nonsense expressed here may be hurtful.
  8. And later on WS will change the recommendation... But 99% of us will continue to sail our Whatchamacallit dinghy
  9. I think it's kind of interesting (?) that the possible 'infringement' of the Construction Manual by PSA (2009-2015) started while Jeff Martin was the Executive Secretary and the ILCA office was in the UK. For reasons that make little sense to me, LP now wants the office to be relocated to the UK.
  10. I wish this thread would come to a happy ending, but I don't see that happening anytime soon...
  11. Wondered about the relationship between Farzad and Sima Rastegar? Does anyone know; Rastegar appears to be a pretty common name among Iranians. More importantly, were they invited to Gouv's Easter Regatta? If so, Gouv might try to talk some sense into them...
  12. Can we just forget about price comparisons from here on? They are confusing, omit crucial issues (taxes, exchange rates, transportation etc.) and do not contribute to the topic of this thread.
  13. Gouv, It's my, perhaps naïve, understanding that ILCA would just change its name (to get rid of the trademarked 'Laser'). Would that be 'unconstitutional'? Paragraph 17 of the ILCA constitution outlines a (cumbersome) process for amending the Constitution. I also think (optimistically) that the ILCA leadership team has thought this issue through prior to starting the 'revolution'.
  14. In the intergalactic *ASER championship a few years from now, we will have: Pre (April) 2019 Lasers from LP (with the ILCA/WS sticker); still Class-legal Class-legal Lasers built by the Japanese and Australian manufacturers, unless LP stops licensing the Laser trademark Non Class-legal Lasers made by LP after mid April 2019 (no ILCA/World Sailing sticker) Legal *ASERs (or Gammas or Torches) made by, as yet to be appointed, ILCA approved manufacturers I would hate to write the NOR or SIs for this regatta! PS: The idea of having a Prism Class covering all Las
  15. ILCA just posted a list of FAQs relevant to this thread: http://www.laserinternational.org/blog/2019/04/06/faq-6-april-2019/
  16. I would posit that the Euro Laser officials put mud on their faces.
  17. Only A makes sense, but the renewal agreement probably has terms in it that are unacceptable to ILCA.
  18. According to the very recent statement from LP/LPE, they did not allow ILCA to inspect because ILCA has not renewed the (Trademark) license agreement, due to expire August 31. I quote: LP has granted ILCA certain rights to use the Laser Trademark for its activities pursuant to an intellectual property license dated February 1998 (the “1998 Agreement”). LP has been seeking a renewal of the 1998 Agreement which expires after multiple extensions on 31 August 2019.
  19. Those data show that the current output is roughly 2000 boats per year. With five days a week and 50 weeks a year (two weeks vacation), that's less than ten boats per day. Split over two current builders (Australia and Japan), it's easy to figure that here is more than enough 'reserve' capacity to fill the demand.
  20. When I first read the ILCA announcement, I got rather excited, in a (sort of) 'serves them right' way. But now that I have calmed down, I see many issues. Some of them have been pointed out already, such as the naming rights. Let me add that ILCA is facing substantial legal fees based on the likelihood of LP going to court. I want to sail, and I really don't want my ILCA dues to be spent on legal fees.
  21. More information: Annapolis Vanguard 15 Google Group Site: The Annapolis Fleet's site and group email distribution--includes racing schedules, interesting links, classifieds, and a way to stay connected with the latest fleet information. Annapolis Vanguard Fleet Facebook Page: The Facebook page includes more information on upcoming events and photos from past regattas. Feel free to post photos and write on the Fleet wall!
  22. I participated in one of the Laser training weeks with about ten others from all over Europe. The location is excellent and the Lasers were in great shape (new MkII sails etc). Staff was super helpful. I also liked the fact that restaurant prices were lower than in most of Europe. If you want to know more, please PM me. Wildwind also has a strong program for catamaran sailors. That program has training weeks as well.
  23. I am in, and promise to turn on the AIS...
  24. APS used to have a few Lasers and Sunfishes sitting on an outside rack. Eye candy for folks such as me, thinking about buying a boat. But that was several years ago. Last week, I was told, one has to place an order and wait several weeks. Composite Laser uppers seem hard to get; not that I want one (too expensive). Don't know about other legal parts LP dealers must find it hard to run their businesses.
  25. Could someone summarize the current status of the Kirby vs LP legal case(s)?
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