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  1. A "Limited" designation in many Commonwealth jurisdictions simply insulates the business owners, shareholders from the debts of the Limited entity/company (owners/shareholders may be liable under other legislation for reckless trading, etc). Many sports clubs in NZ are Incorporated Societies which provide tax and other compliance reporting advantages not available to Limited companies. The downside is the members of an Incorporated society do not benefit from the disposal of their assets if they choose to close shop. Many golf clubs trade through Limited entities in the same name of
  2. She's enjoying herself too much chasing the NRA and trumpscum's dodgy business deals
  3. The 1-design hydraulic system for the foil arms was all Cariboni free-supply with the arms. LR were in charge of the arms design which faailed and forced ETNZ to become involved - this costs for this rescue by ETNZ was one of the issues which ruptured the ETNZ-LR relationship...
  4. They can open up the foil arm systems and controls to be team-designed, within maximum safety parameters.
  5. The 1:1 "challenge" the ACA muppets are frothing about won't happen. RNZYS, the holders of the Cup, are the only ones who can decide - and they've made their feelings known about the I-of-W 1:1 wet-dream.
  6. LOL!! Now what will these dumbass muppets who've been losing their rags over a never-event going to complain about now?? Only RNZYS can decide on any AC37 Challenge, and the I-of-W wet-dream is just that. They'll go back to arguing about the condition of entry requirements
  7. The Italians were never going to win without a major catastrophe befalling ETNZ. They had to unseal their best toys in the Prada Cup Final when they saw how dominant Britannia was, to prevent the potential humiliation of being dumped from their own Cup, and thereafter could only massage their mods and systems to squeeze every little incremental improvement out of their boat.
  8. Why?? The AC will always remain a niche event, accessible only to those with the $$$ to participate. Those who don't like it are welcome to fuck off and watch any one of dozens of other regattas around the world. The AC has never been an equal-opportunity challenge event.
  9. You people need to brush up on your comprehension. Agreeing to AC75s for AC37 and 38 is a Condition of Entry in a multi-Challenger AC. NYSC wouldn't even bother to get out of bed over any application as some of you people are claiming...NYSC has no say in any multi-Challenger event.
  10. SO how how are the "..boats and conditions for the match" overridden if RNZYS and RYS agree on the boats and conditions of entry and other conditions, which the Deed specifically empowers them under mutual consent??
  11. Ok, so what " Defence provisions in the, DoG" are being "overridden"??
  12. And that's your legal definition of "fraud"??
  13. Care to explain how "this isn't Deed Compliant"??
  14. How is that "fraud"?? Winners make the rules, quite simple!! A condition of entry is perfectly enforceable so long as the Challenger and Defender mutually agree.
  15. There are one or two muppets out there who've got theirs for far less
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