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  1. The 1:1 "challenge" the ACA muppets are frothing about won't happen. RNZYS, the holders of the Cup, are the only ones who can decide - and they've made their feelings known about the I-of-W 1:1 wet-dream.
  2. LOL!! Now what will these dumbass muppets who've been losing their rags over a never-event going to complain about now?? Only RNZYS can decide on any AC37 Challenge, and the I-of-W wet-dream is just that. They'll go back to arguing about the condition of entry requirements
  3. The Italians were never going to win without a major catastrophe befalling ETNZ. They had to unseal their best toys in the Prada Cup Final when they saw how dominant Britannia was, to prevent the potential humiliation of being dumped from their own Cup, and thereafter could only massage their mods and systems to squeeze every little incremental improvement out of their boat.
  4. Why?? The AC will always remain a niche event, accessible only to those with the $$$ to participate. Those who don't like it are welcome to fuck off and watch any one of dozens of other regattas around the world. The AC has never been an equal-opportunity challenge event.
  5. You people need to brush up on your comprehension. Agreeing to AC75s for AC37 and 38 is a Condition of Entry in a multi-Challenger AC. NYSC wouldn't even bother to get out of bed over any application as some of you people are claiming...NYSC has no say in any multi-Challenger event.
  6. SO how how are the "..boats and conditions for the match" overridden if RNZYS and RYS agree on the boats and conditions of entry and other conditions, which the Deed specifically empowers them under mutual consent??
  7. Ok, so what " Defence provisions in the, DoG" are being "overridden"??
  8. And that's your legal definition of "fraud"??
  9. Care to explain how "this isn't Deed Compliant"??
  10. How is that "fraud"?? Winners make the rules, quite simple!! A condition of entry is perfectly enforceable so long as the Challenger and Defender mutually agree.
  11. There are one or two muppets out there who've got theirs for far less
  12. Was that the Protocol signed with the initial CoR Hamilton Island Yacht Club before they threw in the towel?
  13. I still rate Sir Russell's record of 14&0 top, in an era when the AC talent with $$$ and experience was deep.
  14. ETNZ will simply have their bot sail Te Rehutai II from their base while lounge around drinking Steinies and Nespressos
  15. Don't be so fucking naive!! The AC is an EVENT - not a sport! You've either got the money to participate in it, can raise the money - or you can't and therefore don't. Next Challenger!!
  16. Not convinced how Slingsby can work with Spithill after second-guessing him in BDA in the midst of rumours that Coutts wanted him to replace Spithill when 4-zip down in the Match. Nor for that matter Glen Ashby working with their big egos having spent 8 years in a collaborative and supportive team environment.
  17. What's "awesome" about a remote-controlled AC75??
  18. I think AC37 will be in Auckland in Feb-March 2024, with a few AWS events around Europe and US East and West coasts in early '23. Interest can build up leveraging off the Rugby World Cup tv coverage in Sept-Oct '23 in France.
  19. Nothing new about that "revelation" - Glen Ashby continued to live in Australia since he signed up with ETNZ, only spending extensive time in Auckland when he has had to during boat design, testing, etc. During AC36, he moved his family over to comply with the continuous residence requirement of AC36 Protocol. Glen Ashby can apply for a Kiwi passport without relinquishing his Aussie citizenship - probably already travels on one.
  20. Just to show the idiocy of the cap suggestion... ETNZ can turn around to Ineos and say: maximum budget of Euro5 million if you want a race next year, knowing they have technological enhancements and mods already matured, tested and ready but not implemented in the AC36 match: -Ineos would be crazy to agree to it if they need to catch up to ETNZ, so they disagree and have a DoG match with open designs restricted only by the dimensions stipulated in the official Challenge and specs in the Deed;
  21. Possible, but not probable. If you're the Challenger with a fat wallet, why would you agree to restrict yourself from using your spending power advantage?
  22. Nope - don't even need an agreeable Challenger.
  23. Yes. BUT the easiest path to a DoG Match is to disagree terms (ne Protocol, Class Rule, etc) - then it's a 1-on-1 DoG match.
  24. You really should educate yourself about the AC by reading the Deed of Gift!! IF the RYS Challenge has been accepted, that is all that's required for a mano-'a-mano DoG Challenge to take place. There is no provision for multiple Challengers in the Deed: they are only welcome at the pleasure of and by agreement between the Defender and the Challenger who then becomes CoR.
  25. Why? It's a fucking open challenge event: the NYSC might have something to say about a Defender trying to impose spending limits on Challengers!! Under your nutty proposal, ETNZ will hold onto the Auld Mug for another 132 years because they can simply restrict the budgets of the Challengers so they can never afford to catch up to ETNZ.
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