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  1. I was agreeing with Johnnie that the fuckstick not wearing a mask at the skippers meeting is a flaming asshole. I am not here to stroke your ego - you will have to look elsewhere for that - I am not your boyfriend
  2. I think you tried replying to another post....................but failed
  3. What does that have to do with anything? He was registered for the event and shoved up for the skippers meeting
  4. You would be incorrect. Just because it is not mentioned in the sailing instructions that you have to be clothed on the club premises doesn't mean you can belly up to the bar buck naked (assuming there is a club rule prohibiting such behavior) - and that the club cannot eject said buck naked dude from the premises and the regatta. Rule 69 specifically can be used in the OP's situation: 69.1. Obligation not to Commit Misconduct; Resolution A competitor, boat owner or support person shall not commit an act of misconduct. Misconduct is: conduct that is a breach of goo
  5. You must be drunk when you walk around in Eastport as EYC is actually closer to APS than SSA is
  6. Fine as a dinghy (which it is) - it wouldn't as a sportboat (which it isn't)
  7. Sounds like it is lit up in the right conditions
  8. I certainly don't pop in here too often. This place has gone off the rails and really lost its cool
  9. What are you smoking????
  10. That's the canter right? What are the numbers for SA ballast Disp crew weight just out of curiosity
  11. Here is a small sample of ratios I added the numbers for a sligthly turboed V830 calculated the same way as the others. The numbers for the T7 and T8 (SA/D light) are a little off - they are both lower than the V830 in reality Comparison Ratios.pdf
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