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  1. You must be drunk when you walk around in Eastport as EYC is actually closer to APS than SSA is
  2. Fine as a dinghy (which it is) - it wouldn't as a sportboat (which it isn't)
  3. Sounds like it is lit up in the right conditions
  4. I certainly don't pop in here too often. This place has gone off the rails and really lost its cool
  5. What are you smoking????
  6. That's the canter right? What are the numbers for SA ballast Disp crew weight just out of curiosity
  7. Here is a small sample of ratios I added the numbers for a sligthly turboed V830 calculated the same way as the others. The numbers for the T7 and T8 (SA/D light) are a little off - they are both lower than the V830 in reality Comparison Ratios.pdf
  8. Here is a list of the bits and pieces I have for the V830 Vang – Vang Master VM5 with purchase system 2 Primary winches – Antal XT 30 – 2 speed self tailing Sea-Rig rigging screws spares (new) All Doyle sails are designed by Richard Bouzaid Main – Doyle Stratis Carbon Ice – Squaretop – full battened – 33.15 m2 – one 6 foot reef – floating tack setup - low mileage Main – DP D4 (design by Doyle NZ) – carbon/kevlar - big roach – full battened – high mileage/old – Free (without battens) Main – DP D4 – carbon/kevlar - class roach – high mileage/old –
  9. No reason not to. Still have some awesome sails and other bits for it if interested
  10. It's initial IRC rating was in the zipcode of 100 footers- just under 2.0 - the calculations showed it should be able to plane upwind.......which it couldn't. Fun boat though just not winning with anywhere to that rating
  11. It started it's life in Chicago while I lived there and the boat has never performed - I really don't care where it is............. If somebody is looking for a boat to race - that one is not it
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