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  1. Yep, blooper is trimmed via halyard. I always aimed for about a foot off the water. Only really effective in a quite narrow AWA range also. Purpose was to stabilize death roll by off-setting kite on 70s era boats. Not to add extra speed when you are already honking. Flew mine on a Viking 33.
  2. I am also a Commodore, and came across a floater myself a few miles from home last season. Not pleasant. I was busy enough dropping sails and hailing the police unit on 16 and keeping the boat on station, but my wife and daughter were on board. I deputized them to act as spotter and they had a little PTSD for a while as a result. Long story short, I had club members who also worked for the coast guard auxiliary and had responded to an over due vessel a few weeks earlier, and the vic I saw matched the description they had when searching. They had found the boat previously, and shared wi
  3. That sounds very meaningful. Worth the rest of the trip's vicissitudes.
  4. we need this guy's story. Can you leave a card next time you are by and tell him he could be an internet superstar....
  5. That was the Minister of Health in response to a question from an ex-caucus member. It is an absurd position and one that is not supported by the Ontario Science Table advising the government, whose members are now openly contradicting the Minister. There are no other jurisdictions in the country or elsewhere that are doing this. Outdoor transmission risk is negligible. It's bad law.
  6. ^^ thanks for this Evans, that's a very helpful reconstruction and especially noting the limitations of the graphical products. I know wx forecasting is fantastically complex, but good to note in this instance they did not capture the speed of the low nor the development of a secondary.
  7. Update: GANNET is back in her slip and I am back in the condo. Both of us are fine, though I wish the condo would quit bobbing and swaying. Less you misconstrue the cause, it is only 3:00 pm and I have had nothing stronger to drink than lovely cold water. GANNET’s motion carries onto land. I am as tired as if I had made an ocean passage. Landfall is landfall even if you are returning to your starting point and I had only limited sleep last night. As we approached the entrance to Port Royal Sound at dawn this morning I realized that at dawn two years ago this day we were a
  8. The tracker now shows him back at Hilton Head, but no update to his journal yet. http://self-portraitinthepresentseajournal.blogspot.com/
  9. What is remarkable about Webb (among many things) is that he doesn't consult any weather info aboard once he departs on a passage. No gribs, no wx routing, no updates. Just sails whatever he encounters. That degree of purity (some might argue folly) hasn't killed him yet. Although he's come close a few times.
  10. Yes he flies an A-sym day/night as the conditions warrant. Not sure if that helps with estimations of polars. But if it is predominantly going to LVar then as you say he'll take whatever routing he can get. Making good time at the moment on his reciprocal bearing so have to assume that the boat ain't broke, and am assuming neither is he.
  11. Would the tell not be when he crosses back through the eastern boundary of the Gulf stream? If he was just sailing for its own sake I doubt he would willingly go back into the stream as it will bear him further away from his turning mark. Similarly if he definitively crosses it can we not deduce that he intends to head back?
  12. Bang on the rhumb line at present: 22/Apr/2021 18:00:04 UTC 031° 56.590N, 074° 38.288W / Course: 87° @ 5.2 knots 22°C at 0m above sea level
  13. um, push off and tack away? Better yet, don't hit the fucking thing in the first place
  14. Bravo Andi and team. Champagne well deserved.
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