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  1. Doesn’t look as good as a Windrush though and I would put money on it, it is not built anywhere near the same standard as well.
  2. Some drongo mounted the foils on the wrong side. Hope they swap them over before hitting the water.
  3. Congrats Dave, it’s an awesome regatta. Hopefully I can make it back up there next year.
  4. Corsair Pulse picks up a win in the Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay Regatta. Four Pulses competing.
  5. Respect..... image of NZ PM projected on Worlds tallest building in Dubai https://www.theage.com.au/world/oceania/world-s-tallest-building-lit-up-with-image-of-jacinda-ardern-20190323-p516ua.html
  6. The 880. Good video here on the 970 which will give you a bit of an idea what to expect with the 880.
  7. I have heard in Australia, fully optioned at $200k and should be here early next year. Should have everything a 970 has in it however significantly cheaper, lighter, easier to trailer and looking sharper. First 12 months of build slots are already full. Cant wait to see on in the flesh.
  8. The C2 boards were moved forward to balance out the boat better with the Deck Sweeper as they felt it moved the centre of balance forward.
  9. BJ might be fairly content right now. Didn’t protest for the win but let the World know that WO elect to not play by the rules.
  10. If you don’t understand yourself, then you don’t understand racing. If it wasn’t an advantage to WO, then why do it as well.
  11. Perhaps BJ didn’t want to win that way so hence no protest but didn’t want the cheating swept under the carpet.
  12. If Oats can make tactical decisions partly based on data coming from other boats but other boats can’t do the same with Oats, that is a big advantage to Oats. BJ should be comended for raising this, there should be no latitude for people who cheat in this sport. If Oats didn’t cheat, it will come out in the protest.
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