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  1. I guess the point I'm trying to make is the rule may have gotten too mechanical. I like foiling - but the pure foiling of an A-class catamaran is a much prettier aesthetic to my mind (no active foil controls - just boards in water). all the grinding makes the AC boats look like power boats - shit, some poster on here literally wanted to power them up via solar panels (not naming any names ;-). And if the cyclors climb back aboard - it becomes even more problematic. how many of us even on this forum have an intuition what all that hydraulic power is used for? I can only guess. but in the g
  2. well sure. but I am beginning to think it might have gone too far, when your hull gives way to a fuselage.
  3. you are clearly better at math than I am - or I guess even Burwick himself. at every turn there seems to be a new kid, pregnant again? oh well.. lol.
  4. entertaining, but somebody described Q as that guy who shamelessly peddles knackered old boats to unsuspecting noobs. this might be right - he definitely has a tendency to overlook the problems.
  5. you know there's a sequel. pretty remarkable stuff (and I guess they got a patreon.. ;-) https://www.pressreader.com/usa/cruising-world/20210601/281487869193592
  6. they are not. my inflatable SUPs came with big warnings "do not leave in sun". I've been rendered kind of speechless at the thought that the boom wings are vinyl. are they really? and as for making a transom platform out of a floating board - it doesn't work. anybody who's stepped from their boat onto a SUP knows what I'm talking about.
  7. egos, greed, and weird boats. somebody's got to say it. these things with big lead levers are pretty odd. pretty fast sure. amazingly fast. but perhaps they've got too much under the hood. the simple purity of sailing may be obscured beneath all the gears and hydraulics. oth. it's still a good show.
  8. idk. the evidence might be mounting in his favor. lol.
  9. hull shape mattered? that is certainly one differentiator in this foiling war - what's a shearline, and what is it goodfor?
  10. just show up. typically plenty of room. but you don't anchor, the setup in Ayala cove is to grab two buoys - one for the bow, one for the stern. This can be a dance, or just grab one and dinghy out to the other. if you want to anchor - Clipper cove is good. also a couple of anchorages at Angel Island on the east side. it can get rolly though so seldom used overnight, although I have done it many times, and you'll almost certainly have the beach all to yourself. And lastly, try China Camp or McNears Beach up in San Rafael. an easy place to drop a hook and spend a weekend - it's generally c
  11. I guess with an old race boat - it's really not so much about the model. probably more about the po. (previous owner).
  12. ps: its true. although I guess the cure is just to leave it home. not sure this design gonna age too well..
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