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  1. Breaking. AC37 spectactor fleet:
  2. this. having watched the team practice this maneuver the day before - and with an even worse result - could not believe they did it again, and during a race. but yeah. exactly. I think about this often.
  3. Dean Barker prospered. poor John Kostecki!
  4. Yes, the new boats absolutely rip around the corners. I was thinking it had to do with mass, and perhaps it does to some extent. Also wetted area. Anyone who has put a multihull into the wind knows what I am talking about, they just stop. And if you are used to steering a lead-mine its hard to get used to. But, what is surprising: - and AC70 weighs 13,010 lbs. - the AC72 14,220. So these new boats are just 1,200 pounds heavier. I thought they would weigh quite a bit more.
  5. can't help but chuckle (or inwardly wince?) every time I hear the JK invoked for a bottom mark rounding. I've got a feeling there are a few AC spotters around here who know what this refers to - and its not Juan Kouyoumdjian - but yeah. AC 34, race 5, first bottom mark rounding. Go to 7:15 or so to watch it unfold. This the first JK ever. I suspect it was Jimmy who coined the term, but if Sir Ben then true irony - as it likely represents the very maneuver that got Ben a ride in his first America's Cup race ever (the very next day, sigh). Enjoy:
  6. need to correct some mis-information here. of course Pineapple did not screw up a sail shape. Yours truly is the idiot in charge of screw-ups here. The sail did need some correction to get the furler to work - but it was just a longer pennant.. I added the pennant to the bottom, but it needed to be added to the top. And the key piece of information came from Kame himself: "that sail was designed to sheet inboard the upper shroud, and outboard the lower". Hey, who knew? I thought that was against the rules.. PS: can't wait to try out this new uphill weapon in anger..
  7. funny thing is - when I wrote this, the question was purely academic. now I just spent a week home-schooling my kids.. It went fine. thanks for the info.
  8. random non-english vid about jet contrails? don't tell me, you're stoned.. amirite?
  9. I've got this great looking 2 inch vinyl tube with one end in the bottom of the bilge, but follow it along and it disappears into a closed compartment, starboard, heading aft.. ..where does your's emerge?
  10. here's an oddity: what 30 foot unsinkable cruising boat doesn't even bother with a bilge pump? yeah, also, its made in Belgium.. PS: gonna be installing that bilge pump, just kind of flabbergasted than none came with the original boat.
  11. very well said. I once turned down an initial offer (renovated house), to my regret. another: I failed to contribute getting the (classic BMW) to the buyer - lost that sale too. so, I feel like I am a shitty salesman now and lean towards hiring experts to manage the transactions for me. That said - BJ seems a sharp cookie, with a good boat - and prolly one step ahead of all of us here.. with luck he'll be boat-less day after tomorrow?
  12. yeah. kind of astonishing that he set up those shots - then ski'ed through them. a natural talent for cinematography for sure.
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