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  1. I have a race Sunday. Only going to be 70. May have to cancel.
  2. With all that's bad about Fl. sailing tomorrow 87 deg. I can live with rest. Been here all my life and don't plan to change that.
  3. I bought a Lindenberg 22 once, seller backed out at the last minute. Bought the S23D instead
  4. I had a Santana 23D for 14 years. In flat water it is a killer. will sail under it's rating. Hates chop. Easy to trailer. When I donated the boat it was about 25% West epoxy. Not the best built boat I ever owned.
  5. Went sailing on a J92. Downwind for an hour, with the big kite. Going to sleep well tonight!!
  6. Went sailing today, coming in just shut off, like you pulled the kill cord. Finally got it restarted, had to play with the throttle, all the way back, just to keep it running. Need it Sunday, for race and mechanic won't look at it for a week. Ideas? Never used Ethenial gas.
  7. Had an issue with the motor, coming in from sailing, today. The motor just shut off, just like if you pull the kill switch. Finally got it going again but had to sit and play with the throttle, to keep it running. Any ideas? Need it this weekend for a race, then in the shop, if I can't fix it. Ideas? Thanks.
  8. LarryE


    Got the call from the dermatologist yesterday. Latest biopsy was negative. Nice Christmas present.
  9. LarryE


    When I had my second one it was in my hair line. Discovered during haircut. Doc said if she hadn't found it, I would have had less than a month. Doc saw it and said, it's coming off today! Hairdresser got a very nice gift at Christmas.
  10. LarryE


    I have had 3. 1 was as aggressive melanoma. Growing up in S. Florida, surfing, sailing and fishing every weekend. In the summer pretty much lived at the beach. Never used sun screen back then. Saw the dermatologist yesterday. Another biopsy. She has keep me alive. I'm paying for my youth.
  11. Salsa, best I have ever used, for main sheet.
  12. My most amazing day, of sailing involved Kevin. Sailing a Lightening with Jim Pinion driving, me center, Kevin bow. It was Dec, with the NE wind honking through Bear Cut. The weather mark was up near cut. We rounded the mark and raised the cute. Off on a screaming reach. Jim said he couldn't feel the rudder, looked back, it had snapped off at the waterline, gone. Somehow, we got the cute down and jib up. With Kevin instructing us where to sit and adjusting the sails, we sailed back to CGSC and parked at the dock, just like we had a rudder. Well never forget that day!!
  13. I sailed with Kevin on a Lighting, on Biscayne Bay. Amazing sailor. 63, way to young. RIP Kevin.
  14. Dick always tried to make it back, to Melbourne, for our Fall Regatta. Its this weekend. He will be sorely missed,doing what he did so well.
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