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    A builder in France is having absolutely no success with the ORC there in getting a rating, even provisional one for his i550. I have furnished the ORC with files and drawings but communication has just plain stopped with the office. The builder is an amateur and a good guy. His frustration is mine as well. Just how much effort would it be to assign a provisional rating near the value of a First 18? Without it he is likely to be kept out of club competition. The non response is insulting. 2021-02-19_14-36-35.ezdraw
  2. If it has square taillights it aint a jeep. Slowly rebuilding a 1962 Forward Control 170 Dual Rear Wheel Jeep. 4 speed manual, original 6 cylinder, 5.38 differentials, 51 mph downhill with the clutch pushed in.
  3. the venerable OK Dinghy is regaining strength in a number of places. New plastic boats are available and new plywood boats are just as good. I built three in the late 70's and felt they were a much better boat than the gawd awful Laser. Even in Covid times the OK's turn out a good group For an event on Lake Como.
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    Just a "Straw Poll" about how much interest there may be about partial builds of an i550 hull, keel with bulb and rudder. The purpose is to encourage clubs, youth programs and those without tools, space and time to get involved with sailing at a lower price point.
  5. Watershed Sailboats (i550) has had a very unsatisfactory relationship with Velocity Boatworks. Money paid by customers and no products produced. Only one i550 delivered about two years late and of questionable quality, it sank.
  6. The i550 is fully powered up in 8 to 10. Planes at 10 to 12 on a close reach. A reef would be a good idea for fun conditions.
  7. We're watching. On occasion one does come up for sale. Near as we can figure there are about (conservatively) way more than 100 completed and sailing. Two contacts this last Spring are interested in putting together group builds or finishing ready to go hulls adding masts and all the other stuff. Currently I am working up a keel/bulb FRP shell so lead shot can be added to overcome pouring a bulb. CST and C-tech masts have been good for us too. But the i550 might be a bit tight for a family of five. Dad, Mom and two kids are a good compliment. On another note I have some Rhino Files that
  8. purpose built for function
  9. buy 1 tool and a second battery and search eBay for bare tools without batteries to fill out your needs
  10. I use Makita 18v. There are other good tools mentioned (DeWalt, Milwaukee, Festool). What I like about Makita is their 18v batteries 2 to 6 ah choice and when a tool needs more power doubling to two batteries for 36v. I have not had to chase new tool / battery increased voltage ranges in order to add tools to my selection. They were solid tools forty years ago when others were not.
  11. I vote for the Moore. they are tight below though.
  12. timber


    I did not mean to discourage you, Quite the opposite. In the plan set on pages B4 & B5 are a set of offsets with profiles of the hull at one foot intervals from bow to stern. With these measurements a mold can be made to lay foam core into a female mold. I believe that 1/2" (12 mm) core material will conform as there are no severe curves to the hull. Heck foam core might be easier than plywood to bend and give twist to. I suggest a female mold as the B4/B5 offset numbers are to the designed outside hull surface and you can cut the panels to the dimensions given for the plywood panels as
  13. timber


    Here are the i550 class rules and the First 16 pages of the detailed plan set to peruse at your leisure. i550ClassRulesV2.pdf 467687499_I55016PAGESTUDYPLAN.pdf
  14. timber


    To build a foam core anything boat first an accurate form or "plug" must be made with deductions of the hull thickness of the final shape to account for the boats' class measurements. A lot better in depth explanation can be found in many books. Also I will give a shout out to the Gougeon Bros./West system epoxy for putting their boatbuilding book out for free download. The foam core boat will be intriguingly light. Keep us posted T
  15. Are they using shorter stature people to make the boat look bigger?
  16. If the focus is in involving 20ish to 30ish sailors focus should be on available crew numbers on a consistent basis. Which means fewer people required to make the boat go. All the boats mentioned are good boats. BUT they need bodies to make them perform. At say 24 feet 4 might be minimum. FT7.5's, J70's and 80's need about the same, maybe one more. Vipers are a good candidate needing 2 to 3 and there are used boats to be gathered to make a fleet. I do have a favorite in the i550. It can be sailed by two, three is a normal size crew. Makes it easier to have consistent numbers for the 20 t
  17. timber


    why has no one hung the "War Turd" name on this dullard?
  18. Would leaking breast implants mess up anyone that bad?
  19. #Vote him out. trump is poison and I will not stop working for every vote I can turn out or change on a local level.
  20. Democracy is messy. Fundamentals that allow money to drive legislation need very careful scrutiny. Neither of the two parties is without gross baggage on this. I think it the third rail the media is not wanting to expose. I am encouraged by the possibility of flipping the senate and retiring corrupt McConell. With a democratic House and Senate even if trump wins his hands will tied and only the really stupid will accept "acting" secretary of anything appointment. Our democracy is threatened as never before.
  21. The RNC convention hasn't happened yet. Go figure.
  22. Nah, Nuc waste gets added to the Columbia River from Camp Hanford just upstream of the confluence of the Snake and Columbia. I was born in the Camp Hanford Base Hospital where they were making the Plutonium and letting waste blow in the wind.
  23. Occasionally I am encouraged by the restraint shown the public by media not broadcasting trumps rambling racist campaign rants from the WH grounds. The exclusion of far right groups violent mindset from his comments is alarming but feeds his campaign collections. I think the circle of political thought and action is like a clock face: 12 o'clock is what we try to achieve, and descent from there on both sides of the circle is disfunction in ever greater degrees until the two meet at the bottom of the clock face. There lies totalitarianism and holocaust, the killing fields, pogroms, exterminati
  24. There are 6 dams on the Klamath, two provide water for agriculture. They are upstream from the 4 to be removed. The dam owner wants out under the congressionally passed law that compels the owner to build fish ladders that do not exist now. Cost of building fish ladders is 450 million plus. Owner of dams was getting out of less efficient physical plants and recertification costs for 200 million bucks with matching private and public monies totaling 250 million. Increase in salmon stocks will allow commercial ocean harvesting of wild salmon to again occur. Tourism for sport fishing and rafting
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