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  1. Sunfish forum? https://sailingforums.com/forums/Sunfish_Sales/
  2. Except for that entering the corner LH was alongside, not behind like the diagram shows.
  3. I agree with the first part. After the race, I went back and looked at the first lap again, showing it to my wife. Max goes off the track three times before the incident even happens. At what point do the stewards tell him that he can't run off and then barge his way back onto the track and keep the position. He kicked up dirt twice and a tire into the grass between the two. Why does he constantly get a pass?
  4. Looks like you were way ahead of everybody else
  5. maybe a Butterfly?
  6. That's usually the solution, though I think 1-2cm is replaced by 1-2mm. It doesn't take much, just sand a little off one of the corners of the trailing edge.
  7. The MG30 sounds like a good candidate for the push to make a Fast 30 class of racing at multiple events, especially on the eastern US seaboard for now. Fast 30 Sailing Fast 30 Facebook page
  8. By the way, sounds like you should steer clear of Esse boats entirely. They mention the FarEast 23R in there...might be another good option.
  9. By the way, if you're interested in a Melges 20, I have one. It's been very lightly used so I may be willing to sell. It's in Cape Cod right now and I am planning to send it to Charleston in a few weeks. I just spent a little money on it to get a few of the more recent go-fast goodies on it like the spinnaker sock. It's on its way to Miami ultimately to be made available as a charter boat for the event in November and the Worlds in December.
  10. I don't need to google...I own a Melges 24. I was curious to hear what your thinking was. More interesting since you have never sailed one.
  11. If you need to be able to step the mast alone, skip the M24 and go with an Ultimate 20. Much easier to get the smaller mast up solo.
  12. Also check with CCI out of Canada http://cci.one/site/marine/foils-a-z/?doing_wp_cron=1623951640.8688020706176757812500 and Moore Brothers out of Bristol, RI. https://www.moorebro.co I imagine that either one of them could make you a spreader bracket and matching spreaders easily.
  13. It is surprisingly hard to find used boats. There was a flurry of boats for a while but now there's next to none.
  14. What are your reasons on the M24? I'm genuinely curious as I know a couple who are considering one.
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