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  1. WCB


    Absolutely can wait...and I appreciate what you've already offered. I am most looking forward to seeing how the boat progresses.
  2. WCB


    I second that on the reduce and reuse advice. I hate all of the waste that comes with the marine industry and I'm interested in technologies that allow us to reuse as much of the material as possible. I'm encouraged to see how many times you reuse the bagging material. @JulianB I'd love a write up on your experience with the green approach to boat building.
  3. Not quite as high performance and certainly wasn't responsible for the downfall of the Fireball since it's so new but the Melges 15 is ticking a lot of those boxes. That said, I'm with Fastyacht, the 505 is a strong class sailed by a lot of husband/wife teams
  4. What's the back story to this?
  5. In a way it would be kind of fun to build something out of that
  6. Melges...C Scow? I saw this one the other day too. My OCD says give this boat to me with a power washer and I'll bring it back to life. $300 in Cocoa, FL. Who's down with OCD yeah you know me...
  7. Fireball in Greer, SC. This one's for you @Admiral Hornblower $800 in Cakalaky
  8. My brother sent a couple in from the beach in Florida. Everything is on Facebook marketplace. Albacore in Florida asking $750 Albacore with comp tip
  9. Love the GP26 and that one in blue is gorgeous. Speaking of blue, great to see the Patriot Sailing Melges 24 in the background. Really nice guys, sailed against them at Charleston last April.
  10. The guy delivering them will be here in Utah today, yesterday having dropped off a J22 for us at Park City Sailing in a two up delivery process. Sounds like he's delivering Skeetas to Portland and San Francisco immediately after the holiday.
  11. WCB


    You two are moving so quickly...impressive
  12. For what it's worth, I want to put a string drop on an International 110. My reasoning is that my crew may be one of my younger sons for a while so having something very fast that I can do as a skipper would make it easier to sail with less experienced crew.
  13. I used to feel bad for Bottas getting chucked from Mercedes but after watching him continually flub races, I am looking forward to seeing what Russell can do with that car next year.
  14. There should be a white nylon thumbscrew on the side of the rudder cassette. Tighten this up to keep the rudder up while you sail out a little.
  15. I know Windmills pretty well and I saw some similarity but of course I knew it wasn't a Windmill. Thanks for clarifying.
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