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  1. Thanks Irish River. Yes, fun at CRW, huge learning curve. Now I'm back to boat work getting the boat ready for more. I just cleaned up the bunks you gave me and I'll do a little more touch up this week before floating the boat off and mounting them. So no concern with the Raptor Deck holding moisture and creating any blisters?
  2. I wonder if SeaDek type material would work https://www.seadek.com/seadek-embossed-sheets.html
  3. Did a search and didn't find anything that helped. I'm converting the Melges 24 trailer from the old style to new style bunks thanks to a generous gift by @Irish River The bunks have a firm carpet type padding on them and I'm thinking about peeling that off and going fresh and new. Any suggestions on what to use? I've bought so much from Melges in the past few months I'm sure I could ask them too but figured I'd ask the other sailors here first.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. I'm a big fan of Interprotect2000 but I also haven't done too much with a VC bottom paint in years.
  5. What's the purpose of VC Tar? I tried it once ages ago and swore to never use it again. I'd have to go back and look at it again but I haven't heard of anybody using it in years either.
  6. WCB

    Roof rack?

    I saw the lack of posts but I wondered if it was just enough of a garage business that they did it on the side and you'd still be able to get your racks.
  7. We were there, the other Utah boat like @Swimsailor , a Melges 24 on Circle 2. We had our own issues, mostly just time in boat. We'd get a race going well and then make a mistake turning a corner or something else. It was frustrating as I know we could have done better but we learned a lot about the boat. Beautiful place but I have been there a few times with family in Beaufort. Already making plans for next year. The drive though...good thing we did Miami in March. The plan is to do the whole Miami series and then Charleston. I did the cannonball run back leaving on Sunday, arrived ho
  8. I sold mine last week...so stoked to get rid of that. Did pretty well, got all my money back out of it.
  9. WCB

    Roof rack?

    Why not just buy the MLD-1 Hull Heaver from them? If you watch the video, they show a facebook link, which has an email address. hullheaver@gmail.com Sorry to be the spoiler of a fun thread but that seems to be the answer, why re-invent the wheel.
  10. You don't need to watch the whole thing...we aren't either. But we are there to support Wyatt.
  11. Thanks @Mid! He did great tonight with celeb singer Ben Rector. The judges loved him. So exciting to watch. I'm texting with his father about how great Wyatt is doing on American Idol, votes being submitted for him, and boat prep and launching for Charleston Race Week. Kind of a mixed bag of texting going on.
  12. @Swimsailor I know you watched and voted for Wyatt....not a lot of love here for a sailor who is singing on American Idol.
  13. This is a good technique for use all over the boat. I did this with my keel using Interprotect 2000. As Sail4beer said, you can track the changes and in a keel where this one happens to be iron, you don't want to sand through the final layer so when you get through the first three or four layers, you need to re-apply before you break though and expose the iron.
  14. Good to hear and makes sense with red. What about blue? I would imagine the final result of S&S blue would change a little depending upon which of the two primers is used. It would be interesting to see the difference.
  15. @Editor is this a good enough story for the front page? Wyatt's a good kid who deserves some support.
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