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  1. For a start you would have more credibility if you had the guts to state your real name . Amazing how people are so happy to throw shit anonymously at real people with real responsibilities on here with no consequences to them selves , pretty brave of them I recon . The owner did not get Butt Fucked in to anything . We are fixing the issues at our expense , I am not going in to any detail with you and all the other geniuses' here . Why don't you go and design and build your own boat instead of tearing apart anyone who has the guts to do something different . I have been building Tr
  2. So my phone number is public knowledge and I believe you have it already so if you want the whole story give me a call . The way people describe everything here you would think the whole boat is a complete unmitigated disaster . It is not , far from it . A lot of stuff has been blown out of all proportion by a bunch of people with different agendas . Covid stopped us from even being able to get to Mallorca before October to help solve the teething problems you would expect on a brand new folding 50 ft Trimaran that was shipped prematurely to the owner to hold his spot in the marina which he
  3. I will jump in here . The Rapido 60 was built with beams that plugged in to sockets mainly to save money for shipping . However we sailed the first one for 18 months with the boat held together by the 4 bolts and the rig and the highly tensioned nets . This was fine and probably would be still . There was some noise that came from the minute amount of movement as loads came on and off that was more disconcerting and a bit loud and annoying in big seas than a real issue . So as there was little likely hood that we would not be shipping the boat again we literally coated the beams in
  4. Hi Wess, thanks to the covid virus shutting down Vietnam for at least 3 months our plans have been thrown out the window again . We were going to be at Canne in France and Annapolis but now impossible due to the total shutdown here . Miami Boat show is our new target IF we are allowed to get back to work . Western world , please send more vaccines to Vietnam , we are very happy to take them , no antivaccers here ! Only way out of this nightmare .
  5. Yes the 50 is sailing and from the report I had from one of the design team who was there it is a stiff solid platform that sails very well . Sorry but have only received very few long distance photos as yet so nothing I can offer there other than these . Boats was doing 9 knots hard on the breeze in 12 knots of wind . Also seems the weight was overstated in the past by a significant amount . It's new light ship weight including rig and sails is 8275 kg as weighed by the owners rep. From the owner : Hey! Sail was BRILLIANT. As to where we are at , we have now sold 5 x Rapido 60's ,
  6. That's why we don't have inspection ports in Rapido Trimarans , they always leak ! We run pipes to the bottom of each compartment back or forward to the storage area near the deck so we can check if there is water in there with a pump , also act as vents as the hull pumps going through waves . If inverted also cannot flood the compartment . Back in the really olden days Ian subscribed to the submersible float theory but as time went by he increased the buoyancy of his floats to maybe 160% , I think Rapido's are about 200% but obviously depends on the weight of the boat or its loaded stat
  7. Really this is all being blown out of all proportion here , I have a friendly healthy relationship with the owner and yes there are always some issues on a brand new design that need addressing and we will fix them . The owners rep also has his opinions about aspects of the finish which he is also entitled to ,we are far better at doing the structural aspects of a boat very well than having a glitzy interior for instance . Bottom line is we stand behind our products and we will make good with the owner and at the end of the day hopefully everyone will appreciate what a fantastic b
  8. Actually I will wait until the boat is weighed with the rig on before commenting further but I am sure it is still quite a bit lighter than a 60 comparing apples to apples . Absolutely, structurally it is built exactly to plan and everything else is as light as we can make it and still have a decent finish . Being a 50 ft boat that is designed to cross oceans the folding system is massively strong and bullet proof .
  9. Bob is getting number 3 and yes he has bought a fairly bare bones boat !
  10. Here is the latest polar data I have for the Rapido 40 . doesn't look too bad in theory !
  11. Price is still in the ball park , designers have upped the weight estimate , the 40 is looking fantastic and we are going to extremes to keep the weight down , first one should be sailing within 2 months , 3 rd boat started , 8 sold so someone likes it , heaps more guys sitting on the fence waiting to see it
  12. Honestly I don't know why I bother even responding on here sometimes . Yes I started this thread because I thought some people might be interested in our approach to build relatively light weight high tech , well engineered cruising Trimarans that actually have some space in them . We are not perfect , our designers are not perfect , our customers are all great people who put their faith in us to build them a great boat which I think we do and most of our customers end up as advocates and friends . Yes we do make mistakes but at the end of the day we try to fix them at our expense . This
  13. Time will tell but according to MM and their performance prediction software we will have both , better upwind and down wind performance and improved interior performance everywhere ! They are big slick looking asymmetric foils that will give a lot of lift .
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