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  1. On a Rapido the chainplates are a integral part of the bulkhead and made from prepreg in all carbon , totally immovable and cant leak .
  2. Yes , everything is carbon fiber ! Hand rails , seats , pulpits , solar panel mounts , davits , the whole boat actually ! Beams , rudder , daggerboard , daggerboard case , folding struts etc , any small high load parts are prepreg cured in a autoclave . www.triaccomposites.com
  3. The first 50 has just arrived in Mallorca and should be sailing in the next couple of weeks . It was delayed due the crazy shipping situation at the moment , super difficult and expensive to find space on ships out of Asia . In the meantime the second 50 destined to go to Australia is well advanced and also will be sailing in a couple of months . Same goes for the 40 , first one well advanced , second one catching up , third one started construction . Photos in Valencia !
  4. Ready for launch !
  5. Romanza , Rapido 60 has been out there every day loaded with lots of happy sailors ! https://rapidotrimarans.com/video-watching-prada-cup-2021-from-romanza.html
  6. Obviously I am going to nominate Rapido Trimarans having seen the engineering and build quality that goes in to them ! Generally speaking I think you can sail a trimaran much harder than a cat especially upwind !
  7. Hopefully Rapido 50 hull number 2 will be there !
  8. Thanks , found one on ebay , hopefully it will actually arrive unlike the last one I ordered from a scammer in Hong Kong . Dont touch www.ocean-components.com
  9. Can anyone tell me the best source of the Honeywell SPS-A180D-HAMS , Cant find anyone who actually has it in stock .
  10. Yes the first boat took a while but we had to get it designed , build the plugs , build the molds , build the first boat , we did it in about 20 months . The second one will take about 6 months start to finish . If you ordered a Rapido 50 today you would probably get it in October 2021 but if next week could be longer . Rapido Trimarans are suddenly very popular . Next available Rapido 50 is hull number 3 , Rapido 60 , hull number 6 , Rapido 40 , Hull number 9 . The Rapido 40 is happening much faster but it still takes a lot of time to put it all together from design to tooling etc !
  11. Rapido 40 plugs are nearly done , first boat underway !
  12. Really you guys are jumping to a lot of conclusions , wait until we get the rig on it and go sailing ! The Amas will move upwards up to 6 inches ( 150 mm ) just from rig tension alone , was quite noticeable when we put the first 60 rig on . I think it will take very little wind for the windward ama to clear the water . There was about 10 guys on board checking all sorts of stuff when those pics were taken and a bunch of tools and gear . The photos were posted on someones facebook page but have spread like wildfire such is the interest in the boat . We will do a proper photo shoot when it gets
  13. Yes , it was for folding the boat , the real rig is in Sweden coming from Mastrom , will be fitted when the boat arrives in Europe
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