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  1. I thought you guys were a bunch of rich white guys with boats (and guns, obviously). I guess you are middle east men between the ages of 15 and 35 interested in flying lessons. For me, pretty sure the government could care less when I use my cell to check whether there is enough beer on the boat for tonight's racing.
  2. Ebola is either the democrats or the republicans fault; I'm not sure which but it as to be one or the other.
  3. Just read the update above... Guess that getting a J O B is not on the agenda huh? How do they feed the kid with no income?
  4. Congrats to Bernie and crew on Rock & Roll Nice Job
  5. Word around the harbor is there have been similar issues with Captain Don and the Harbor Queen and small sail boats in the past. Those involved and or those with first hand knowledge need to report this to the Harbor Patrol as I hear he has been reported before. Perhaps the City should know of his "repeat offender" approach as well as I assume he must have some sort of City license to do business in the harbor.
  6. Janer You saw Angela Suleman (the woman with six children that went to fertility doctor to have more,eight more!) out sailing last night! Two questions: 1. How does she have time to go sailing 2. What boat was she on? Repeat Offender? Just askin
  7. Congrats and Well Done! Any particular reason why Charlie McKee was racing in a 29er race? Seems a bit odd...
  8. Janer Breeze tonight for Wet Wed? Anyone know anything about a harbor patrol rescue of sailboat Monday afternoon?
  9. Drinking before noon again?
  10. Go Lounge Act Lizards! Go the Craig!
  11. Confused: post using multiple names including anwering or piling on to your own posts, out somebody, and then get flicked by the Ed? Why?
  12. i'm not certain that's possible -what with you being on dry land and him bobbing around on the atlantic First he roots Soanya, she gets preggers Now you're rooting him? Who does Weed think he is? Hugh Hefner?
  13. Trying to appreciate the public "art" bike ride Really, I am But...pretty damn gay Sorry I'm sure all involved had fun though
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