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  1. As horrific as this is, has anyone here been able to find anything at all , corroborating the victims video ... Did she tell any friends before she made the video, or is anyone investigating this.. police ,university or athletic association. Have any of her supportive friends posted anything online , I wonder .... Don't get me wrong ,,, I am for sever rape penalties.. Years ago I had a long conversation with young women who had ben raped years before... She told me how it messed her up.. She had a distrust of men , among other things.. Had trouble forming a relationship.. One of the thi
  2. because it is a vaccine against only the spike.. a new variant has three mutations on the end it spike .. a whole virus vaccine would be different .
  3. Getting covid gives you some immunity to the whole virus using T3 cells... The immunity given by the vac uses antibodies against the spike.. highly efficient .. So even if you have been infected you should get the vaccine ... But now the very latest variant has three mutations on the end of its spike. So it would be good to have additional protection from T3 cells. This article mentions how having had a similar virus to covid19 gives some immuniy via t3 cells [imho similar to smallpox/cowpox ] . https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/t-cells-found-covid-19-patients-bode-wel
  4. Try giving this a read.. I know it's the Washington Post but . they do give an opinion or two about the republican investigation . https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/08/02/new-report-says-covid-emerged-in-wuhan-months-earlier/
  5. Well the first backup to the story, by the disreputable BBC . If there were crowds outside hospitals in August , it had to escape at least by July 2019. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52975934
  6. Look I know who Gen Keane is and I know its Fox.. But what I am considering is the things presented in this story as fact ... Did the Wuhan lab take virus data offline in sep 2019... Did satellite imagery show there was an influx of people at treatment centers at the same time .. Was there a Wuhan Quarantine , no vehicles or planes,,,,But international flights allowed .. Did China allow an international event, world military games, to happen in Wuhan , knowing that a deadly contagian had escaped .
  7. A booster should use a different vector than just the viral spike . like other vaccines. This might provide broader immunity,but at a lower effigacy... Like smallpox used the cowpox virus... But this will take way longer to develop and approve. Maybe the Johonson or the Sputnik that uses a Adeno virus ...even though they just put covid spikes inside that virus.
  8. More facts are in .China, in Sept 0f 2019, knew the virus escaped . According to Gen Keene ,when the virus started to spread, China "shut down all domestic travel to Wuhan , ground and air, but allowed international flights, and I believe President Xi did this because he wanted other economies to suffer and just not his own " . Yea I know its Fox but give a listen.
  9. I recently read and saw of aerial photographs of China constructing missile silos for ICBM nucks. They will be moving into afghanistan. They are emerging from this pandemic and were better situated to come out ahead... https://thehill.com/opinion/international/562037-china-will-be-the-next-empire-to-enter-the-afghan-graveyard
  10. Trump mostly spoke for long periods without a teleprompter .. If someone hacked Bidens teleprompter < they could get him to do a pantyhose commercial during the State of the Union Address.
  11. When I first heard of it it was called the Wuhan virus by consensus ... here is an early science paper coalescing other scientific terms into the more common "Wuhan Virus".. "Abbreviations and taxonomy related to the Wuhan virus are not used in any systematic way, i.e., there are multiple different designations and abbreviations for the “Wuhan virus” in this document. They all relate to the same viral agent. We use the term “SARS-related Coronavirus” to include the SARS virus as well as the clade of betacoronaviruses known to be associated with (mainly) rhinolophid bats across the Palearctic
  12. What pisses me off is that there were naming conventions , it was named wuhan virus ,which fit the conventions of other viruses,, then China pressured WHO, who they had unethical influence over ,,for it to be changed fo covid... to fit Chinas narrative of non responsibility.. And we let them and are continuing to do so... These are wonderful discussions going on here, which are enlightening to me.. as are many discussions on SA.. SA is a cut above because of the "NO censorship".. The freer people and minds are the better we all are...It here that i learned what happened with Ted kennedy at
  13. Tight ship my ass ...https://www.india.com/viral/we-were-bitten-by-coronavirus-infected-bats-wuhan-scientists-make-startling-revelation-in-a-2017-video-4341063/
  14. Isnt this is "ALL things covid" lets start with ,not Fox ,this https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/18/asia/china-coronavirus-disinformation-fort-detrick-intl-hnk/index.html
  15. All the latest news shows that the virus came from the Wuhan lab and the Chinese govt lied and destroyed evidence. The Wuham virus has killed millions, including Maryanne, disrupted our lives, family, income and the global economy,,, from which China seems to be emerging better situated seeing they are a totalitarian dictatorship. Lets at least give them some accountability. I mean this is Sailing Anarchy,, Not "Sailing lick the chinese govt balls". Covid 19 terminology was pushed by WHO that it turns out was conspiring with the dictatorship.. Lets grow some.
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