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  1. I don’t really see it that way. I think the design team is more important and there seems to be no restrictions there. To avoid doubt I do think the sailors are important but design team more so.
  2. Whilst I am sure GD is okay with the proposed nationality clause, are you all sure that this is not something supported or even proposed by Ineos as part of the mutual consent process?
  3. Awesome make the upper wind limit 60kts!
  4. To be fair the London framework agreement thing had a few other stinky parts to it like the defender sailing in the challenger series. I suspect there were a few things ETNZ might have gone for in that agreement but overall as a package no.
  5. Absolutely he does, that wasn’t the purpose of my comment.
  6. At the top of that page he is listed as Trimmer. I guess it is all in the interpretation but I read it as he was skipper in AC 35.
  7. According to a quick google search NZ tourism generated 16.2 billion dollars, so $600 million was probably not overly optimistic. Covid has trashed that though.
  8. Max here is a photo of a Fowler flap hinge setup.
  9. I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it but I have a feeling he deleted that phrase because of some issue with the club course.
  10. Haha you make it sound like our opinion would count. Be nice if it did. Oh hang on isn’t there a story about how the camel got designed?
  11. Interesting also that the NYYC support and in fact proposed a strict nationality clause.
  12. Yep and I bet Dalton is pretty sick of having to play those same old tricks each time too.
  13. Exactly all he says is that it is on the cards, i.e. an option. Edit: I think he is ramping up pressure on the Government and Auckland Council.
  14. I think this will happen and Ray Davies has already made a case for the youth boat. It would be cool to see a bunch of te kahu lookalikes contest a World Series.
  15. Surely it would be a country that has not had a team entered in an AC regatta.
  16. I suspect the relationship is quite symbiotic in that as much as the boat behind experiences a header, the boat ahead experiences a lift from the upwash of the boat behind.
  17. The reality is that this is a very complex set of forces, if you change any one then a whole bunch of other things must change with it or boat capsizes
  18. In the absence of anything else 1. boat capsizes 2. boat capsizes
  19. Careful now, with posts like this you will jeopardise your -213 rating.
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