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  1. After 1200 + posts it is clear that there is no consensus. Maybe we should ask a simpler question; If Espo were a fish, what type of fish would he be?
  2. Do you think you can hang with us???? I think you might be too soft. I had a pic of you and your pal in NYC on Halloween I knew that would come back to haunt me one day. Dammit. I'm really a pretty tough guy- it takes self-confidence to parade around like that, not to mention imperviousness to cold if you're doing it in NYC in October. True that! OK as long as you bring your little Asian pal along--you can come. WTF? Gays and gooks on Hustler... did you fall off the wagon? Whay is your obsession with John/Hustler/Gays? Do you want to tell the world something?
  3. But does he buy sails? He doesn't have to--he wills them into existence I'm in awe, truly.
  4. Sure it was the PHRF rating. Why don't you race One Design (oh never mind).
  5. 750 posts and the issue is still being debated.
  6. Come to think of it Pitman kinda looks like Santa. Guess he never makes it this far south.
  7. Espo throws a good Christmas party!
  8. happy birthday!!!

  9. Your the pussy. How's your Russian team doing in the VOR?? Kinda like your results racing multi's You love this thread don't ya?
  10. The 'dude' on the left has two X chromosomes. That isn't a dude--it is the Commodore of the City Island Y.C. --she's (therefore) a MOOSE!! Funny that looks like the HYC.
  11. Right, Pitman won't spring for a new #1 for a J/29 but his going to charter a Farr 40. Can I be the cabin boy?
  12. Bring Hustler it may be a dinosaur but at least it will not fall apart.
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