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  1. This one will do. Send her on over.
  2. Wow, that is a real woman. I think I like her.
  3. I thought that she was crushed by a barge in the Canal while in transit to the Med.
  4. Both boats were/are 'Carter' designs, but I wonder who drew the lines, The original 84' 'Christine' was certainly the coolest Carter ever built.
  5. Its raining and this bears repeating.
  6. That is great, the only thing with any redeeming value posted among these eighty some pages. A little hard to negotiate all those changes in time signature though, how do you play in 13/8.
  7. Brilliant. It looks like he is an expert in Fero-Lite construction techniques as well.
  8. I like to to listen to my table as well. Sometimes I get a good conversation going with my bulkhead, other times my cabin sole really gets into it with the compression post.
  9. I'll have to pass on the 'Auschwitz Model', I'll take two of second offering please.
  10. Approximately 3 weeks previous, Reid constructed a makeshift raft by lashing an inflated innertube to one of his truck tires with some hemp twine. To this raft he affixed the Met Ocean transponder, carefully embedded in a protective sheath of Parmesian Cheese. He then set this raft adrift and proceeded to trim in the schooner's sails and harden up on a course for the Canary Islands. After four days of close reaching at speeds approaching 4 Knots, the Anne was secured at anchor in a remote cove. There have been scattered accounts from the fishermen of the outlying island of Hierro of an ex
  11. Reid must be pumping his main like mad, he's put more than 50 posts on the Kernal on the last run.
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