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  1. If you are going to replace the headstay, have the new one built in Rod instead of wire. Much better and will last a long time. Needs to be inside the furler by a rigger.
  2. Ha - true. it is counterproductive to concentration levels needed to do well in light air, but "fucket" who cares.
  3. Been thinking about winter projects on the J/80 now that the season is sadlyover. Was thinking that I could very easily save 5 pounds and some windage by ditching the Hall quik vang and just switching to a soft cascade vang. Simply switch and I have the block and dyneema already. I am aware of the boom support benefits when it come to dropping the main, but not worried about that. Before I switch, I want people's opinion on the what if any benefits a properly tuned (spring) solid vang has in supporting the weight of the boom in light air. does it support the weight of the boom and
  4. The J/80 Class has announced a "Worlds Tour" consisting of several regattas leading up the 2020 Worlds in Newport in late September. Should be a fun summer. J/80 2020 Worlds Tour - Schedule - Charleston Race Week (CRW) - April 23-26 - Helly Hansen Annapolis NOODs (J/80 North Americans) - May 15-17 - Helly Hansen Marblehead NOODS (ECC) - July 23-26 - Rochester/Sodus Bay YC, NY (LYRA) - Aug 1-2 - J/Fest Newport, RI - Aug - Lake Winnipesaukaee, NH - (J-Jamborie) - Sept 18-20 - J/80 Worlds -Sail Newport, RI - Sept 28-O
  5. What boat were you sailing on? i don't think we met, too bad. Conditions at Marblehead NOOD were perfect this year. All 3 days. I sailed the new-to-me J/80 the night before the NOOD's started for the first time ever, so we were in a bit of a learning curve, but having 11 solid races over 3 days definitely helped. Hardest part was figuring out how not to shrimp the kite on sets. Did it twice that weekend. Not Fast!! We have 3 in Salem sound as of this fall. We should all be racing Thursday nights at JYC as part of a mixed PHRF class, but at least there will be 3 of us. (
  6. This!! Fleet 1 hosted an a great event and you could tell how much work they put into the event. This was my first big travel event in the J/80 Fleet and everyone went out of their way to make us very welcome ( including housing.) Just too bad that Mother Nature did not cooperate. Make sure to put the Marblehead NOOD on your calendar for late July next year. Will be a good warm regatta for Worlds.
  7. Great article from the class. https://www.j80na.com/home/youth-is-served-at-2019-class-championship
  8. We managed to get 2 more races in on Sunday in light air. Final results here - Congrats to Aegir, they were able to sail consistently in some very challenging conditions. https://www.yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=6115
  9. I believe the French boats come with twing lines and there is just a fairlead on the deck near the second stanchion base forward from the stern and a cleat on the deck right behind the fairlead for the twing line. Might make sense to use one of those opening twing blocks like a holt so you take clip it on when you want and take it off when you don't.
  10. What boat are you sailing on? I will be on USA 1001. Breeze forecast was bleak, but now it is looking a bit better for Friday and Sunday. Can't wait.
  11. So my J/80 came with a 4hp Tohatsu 4 stroke that weighs 58 pounds. I want to get an older 3.5 hp 2 stroke that weighs 29 pounds, so much easier to take on and off. Problem with those old 2 strokes is no reverse so need to have clearance to spin it backwards, hence the desire for the mount. Also prevents it from hitting the rudder unlike the transom pad. Quattro - will be in touch via PM
  12. With Halls Spar gone, who makes and where can I find a lightweight fixed motor mount for my J/80?
  13. J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22 on Lake Winnipesaukee https://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=6115 Anyone on SA going to be there?
  14. I know it is many months later....but we are just selling our J80 if you know anyone who may be interested.  It is a great boat!  

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