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  1. I agree that for replacement of a headstay, you can measure pin to pin and make the new one the same. I also agree that the North and Quantum guides give a rake measurement which is controlled by , but there are a few guides that just give a headstay length measurement (not a rake measurement) for tuning. The question then becomes does it them include the toggle or not. I tend to think it should include the toggle.
  2. So after reading this thread I am not really sure if the question has been answered. Do you measure to the center of the attachment bar on the mast or to the center of the pin at the toggle? Toggles can be different lengths. I have also seen one guide that specifically shows to measure the the center of the attachment bar, not the toggle. What is the consensus? Brian USA 1001
  3. Article on class website. wwhttp://www.j80na.com/home/january-31st-2021 w.j80na.com/home/January-31st-2021
  4. Yes they are still being imported into the US. I think they are not too bad expense wise, I heard is it is the $60k range. Contact J Boats in Newport.
  5. Sail lower and try letting tack up a bit if there is enough breeze. Slight heel to weather also helps in these conditions. It may not “feel fast” but keep on eye on the speedo and you can sail surprising low angles at good pace. You can also try wing on wing which can be very useful at the bottom of a run for positioning relative to inside overlaps, etc. The poster above is spot on re: VMG mode.
  6. May have to reach out to J Boats Europe for some things on the French boats that are different. I have always wanted one of those fiberglass tillers that they have in Europe.
  7. Yup. They are dominating at the top of the leader board. Looking forward to 2022 Worlds in Newport next fall.
  8. Going on now over in Denmark. Link to results. https://www.manage2sail.com/en-US/event/J80Worlds2021#!/results?classId=7f76d80c-bb60-42c1-99eb-e446de03df37
  9. Some pics Holes between the bolts are threaded to accept the windex mount. the longer bolts stick down through crane to allow you to start nuts and then nuts are sucked up inside crane as you tighten. Bolts are 1/4-20. There already was one existing hole in crane fitting. Just one to drill one more. Make sure low friction ring opening is big enough for eye on top of backstage to slide through.
  10. In general you are correct, not a whole lot out there. Tuning guides from the sailmakers can often be helpful with sail trim and even some have some crew work tips in them also. There are a few good J/80 guys in this forum so if you have specific questions, post them in this forum. good luck Brian USA 1001
  11. My flicker is off right now so I will try to get you a pic of the batten and the bolt setup.
  12. There is not much online for forums. There used to be forums on the class website and you can use way back machine.com to see those but mostly a big time sink. What kind of info are you looking for? We have a Massachusetts Fleet 12 group on Facebook also. https://www.facebook.com/groups/968922936805442/
  13. I added an rbs powder coated batten flicker to my sparcraft j/80 mast but I don’t have masthead light on mine. I removed the windex holder and then thrubolted the batten by having the batten on top of the crane with the bolts coming down from the top and the nuts coming in from the bottom inside the cast crane. The width of the crane was perfect to hold the nuts captive and keep them from spinning. Then I mounted the windex mount on top of the batten with screws. If your masthead light is far enough forward towards the front of the crane you might be able to pull this off also.
  14. If you are going to replace the headstay, have the new one built in Rod instead of wire. Much better and will last a long time. Needs to be inside the furler by a rigger.
  15. Ha - true. it is counterproductive to concentration levels needed to do well in light air, but "fucket" who cares.
  16. Been thinking about winter projects on the J/80 now that the season is sadlyover. Was thinking that I could very easily save 5 pounds and some windage by ditching the Hall quik vang and just switching to a soft cascade vang. Simply switch and I have the block and dyneema already. I am aware of the boom support benefits when it come to dropping the main, but not worried about that. Before I switch, I want people's opinion on the what if any benefits a properly tuned (spring) solid vang has in supporting the weight of the boom in light air. does it support the weight of the boom and
  17. The J/80 Class has announced a "Worlds Tour" consisting of several regattas leading up the 2020 Worlds in Newport in late September. Should be a fun summer. J/80 2020 Worlds Tour - Schedule - Charleston Race Week (CRW) - April 23-26 - Helly Hansen Annapolis NOODs (J/80 North Americans) - May 15-17 - Helly Hansen Marblehead NOODS (ECC) - July 23-26 - Rochester/Sodus Bay YC, NY (LYRA) - Aug 1-2 - J/Fest Newport, RI - Aug - Lake Winnipesaukaee, NH - (J-Jamborie) - Sept 18-20 - J/80 Worlds -Sail Newport, RI - Sept 28-O
  18. So my J/80 came with a 4hp Tohatsu 4 stroke that weighs 58 pounds. I want to get an older 3.5 hp 2 stroke that weighs 29 pounds, so much easier to take on and off. Problem with those old 2 strokes is no reverse so need to have clearance to spin it backwards, hence the desire for the mount. Also prevents it from hitting the rudder unlike the transom pad. Quattro - will be in touch via PM
  19. With Halls Spar gone, who makes and where can I find a lightweight fixed motor mount for my J/80?
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