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  1. As most would be sailing one I gather.
  2. My POV for what its worth, is one either wants to win the AC or not and there are no half measures. If one wants to win, just like seeking an Olympic medal, one has to be prepared to sacrifice everything, mental damage, family being torn apart, financial destitution - the works. Ainslie, Spithill and Burling/Tuke know this. There is no other circuit which offers this level of competition in high speed team foiling with numerous parallels in tactical, technical and language challenges. It could be three years before the next AC racing so that's a big hole in racing where every week counts. H
  3. American Magic are missing a trick here - they should get involved keeping race sharp and in the tactical development loop. BA pulled off some really interesting stuff this time and it will only heat up.
  4. Still on the clothing line plus the boat red is Ineos "red". A barbarian team is a neat idea. https://shopsailgp.com/collections/great-britain-sailgp-team
  5. Looks like Ineos is still around. Hull branding is quite subtle https://shopsailgp.com/collections/great-britain-sailgp-team/products/great-britain-sailgp-graphite-t-shirt
  6. Think she's the "Guest". Saw a clip of them sailing and someone her size was just behind Ben. Also some distinctly low profile Ineos branding. She'd have to get back to the 470 pretty quick. Not much time there.
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sailing/2021/04/19/hannah-mills-aiming-make-history-securing-place-ben-ainslies/ Two weeks is quite a lot out of her 470 training program but she has a great crew and they are a good solid team. Hannah Mills jokes that her goal in Bermuda this week is simply “to sit behind Ben and try not to fall off the back”. But the truth is the 2016 Olympic gold medallist has far loftier ambitions than that. As the first of six British women who will have the chance to train with Sir Ben Ainslie’s SailGP team over the coming months, Mills is hoping to impress he
  8. Merc came in late, after B1 launch with B2 committed. They had to set up a whole new manufacturing and design capability at Ineos.
  9. Plus establishing the highest safety standards in the industry since he equates high safety standards with efficiency.
  10. If he ponies up 3 billion could you pm bankers name. Got another sure bet from a long lost Nigerian relative.
  11. Nothing in the press but I noted he's got some 30 from the Ineos group in his Auckland office. They wont be anybodies, just on getting them through quarantine, visa's etc. Must be something in it for NZ Gov, so why? Next looking at the way Ineos is developing and his modus operandi. He invests in the bottom cycles operating globally and he operates the most efficient crackers in the industry -(with the highest safety records as he links safety to productivity). He ships ethane from shale fomr the states as its the cheapest place to get it but processes it in Holland where euro ethane cos
  12. Or 2B plus to build an Ethane cracker or hydrogen value chain in NZ
  13. Plus that's not how Ratcliffe operates. His head office is very small and he lets individual operations make their own decisions with just the usual monthly CEO and board reports. I suspect he's on quite good terms with the NZ Gov.
  14. Interesting their B2 was designed for part non foiling racing which going off weather data could a reasonable call. Then ETNZ's first boat was designed for full foiling so a big rethink and not much time to do it. As Ratcliffe said that was 30 million down the tubes. Merc only came in for B2 so they were well behind targets. The Xmas reggatta, Prada Cup and AC itself were predominantly light winds along with a relative absence of sea breezes. Maybe locals will come in and say this is normal but it would be a big call to bet a campaign on three 10 day regattas being marginal winds 3 years out.
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