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  1. "Roughly a quarter of American Magic’s production team for AC36 were graduates of the IYRS School of Technology & Trades in Newport. It was great to spend time this week getting to know the current students, and to share experiences from production/shore team member Trevor Davidson (IYRS ‘18), Sean Healey (Mechatronics), Rob Ouellette (Operations) and Terry Hutchinson (Skipper). As we head towards AC37, the IYRS / AM partnership continues to enrich skill sets and opportunities across the U.S. marine industry.
  2. Not sure this has been posted before. https://www.cupinsider.com/p/mercedes-boss-wolff-hungry-for-americas Looks like Toto doesn't like being annoyed. "Mercedes–AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team CEO Toto Wolff had minimal involvement in his organisation’s contribution to the Ineos Team UK Challenge for the 36th America’s Cup. That was until he he watched footage of the British AC75 struggling to get airborne during the Christmas Cup regatta in New Zealand last December. Although on holiday with his family, the agonising plight of Ben Ainslie and his crew out on Auckland’s Ha
  3. Jason Carrington will be needing a stiff drink and a deep breath before taking on B3
  4. He's really a helm not a skipper. It's never easy in a situation when you are not actually helming, so if an AC team offers a bucket load of loot to helm plus design and operations imput, it would be a smart career move.
  5. If one is going to recruit anyone from TNZ then it would be Glen A. He was noticeably non committal in Shirley's interview.
  6. Potentially significant problems for new teams just getting into the ballpark. Ineos/Merc hovering up engineers plus Merc now having a years head start figuring the game. LR presumably have their team already contracted and not standing still. TNZ could possible also sell their simulation package, but that could exclude the McKinsey side leaving a big hole to fill. You'd have to be in for two cycles, but yearly that might not look too bad money wise especially with the AC40's keeping things alive.
  7. Fewer injuries than the Nacra Olympic sailors
  8. "Martin has been really helpful" https://www.cupinsider.com/p/mercedes-amg-petronas-formula-1-team
  9. Its easier to sense the boats loading and balance especially if you are about to take the helm in a maneuver.
  10. Sir Dave Brailsford was at Brackley and he's now taking on responsiblities for all Ineos's sports endeavors. Here's some background on his modus operandi. I might add micro gains are where its at in Olympic sailing but Merc must be up a level or two on even that. https://jamesclear.com/marginal-gains Also Toto and co mentioned Ainslie was the one who was probing Merc to see where they could be most useful and the feedback from the Merc folk in Auckland was they were very impressed with him both as a sportsman and handling all the back room stuff.
  11. Here you go. She's a pocket rocket at 50kilos Hannah Mills has described the introduction of a new quota system in SailGP ahead of the planned creation of a parallel women’s series in 2024, as a “hugely exciting” development, adding that it almost certainly spells the end of her Olympic career. Mills, the most successful female sailor in Olympic history, was speaking from Cadiz where she has once again joined up with Sir Ben Ainslie’s SailGP team, having already trialled with them at the rounds in Bermuda and Saint-Tropez this year. The one-design global racing league announced
  12. He's now 400 mil down DM special It is with sadness that Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli confirm that they have divorced,' their spokesman told this newspaper. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10066411/Miss-UK-400m-divorcee-Beauty-queen-Kirsty-Bertarelli-wins-Britains-biggest-split-settlement.html
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