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  1. That is English for speedy, like get your act together.
  2. There was a cryptic post from them just after the announcement. Wishing for a speedy solution or something. Cant find it just yet. Now Merc are a full partnership with Ineos as opposed to advisor and supplier (and perhaps with AM's designer) they wont be hanging around. Interestingly Ineos have assets in Spain and the middle east so it must be doubly frustrating knowing he could have sorted it months ago.
  3. Luna Rossa getting frustrated Luna Rossa skipper: "I was expecting a message from the government" Google translate! “I confess that I would have expected a message from the government for Luna Rossa, which has not arrived. I expected it, for the team and also for me. It is done for so many futile things… ". Max Sirena, the skipper of Luna Rossa, takes off a pebble. Small, perhaps, but for those who represented Italy at the America's Cup, for a boat that has brought the excellence of Made in Italy to the world, for over 140 people (yes, not all of Italian nationality, but
  4. So, he hasn't got 80mil and looking to get 5 (but hasnt got it) to help the team in the interim. The Gov could put in 30 and he's looking to match that ie a public/gov 50/50 relationship. Probably he's got a bunch of people who individually might or might not put in a mil here and there but not tens of mil needed to run such a campaign. GD would need to get them to put up 5 right now to see if they are anything but hot air.
  5. If you send it in actual cash you might just get it.
  6. Plenty of accomodation in Spike Island, great view of the racing and home from home for some.
  7. They've invited her back so she must have made an impression and Ineos are sponsoring a team. She could be a real asset. Interesting Ian Percy's outfit is sharing the same tent in Sail GP St T as GB and he gave a short joint video PR number with Ben. Bringing Ian to their AC campaign would be great, he'd be perfect.
  8. So apparently the Saudi's have offered 150m plus event infrastructure costs. According to the local NZ news
  9. Great news for Hannah, and she's back with Sail GP UK. And backed by RC "Ainslie says this is likely to change and that the SailGP management team, led by Russell Coutts who is enthusiastically backing the women’s America’s Cup programme, is exploring ways to create a viable long term structure for women sailors to take part in the racing." https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/its-inspiring-olympic-champion-hannah-mills-welcomes-new-womens-americas-cup-rpvtwzrsk
  10. OK so maybe not entirely AC but they are worth listening too and sometimes they cover AC stuff. Maybe more after Sept 17th hopefully. If any Italian speakers would care to give a summary, I'm sure more than a couple of us would greatly appreciate it Here's their latest
  11. That could well be a possibility especially considering films are essentially about licensing and they are certainly capable of cunning plans. Another red flag that jumped out on that Dun interview was this. " . . . a different set of donors . . " So one group for non Dalton and another nebulous group for Dalton? "Dunphy repeatedly used the phrase “team status quo [with Dalton remaining] requires a different set of donors and contributors” but would not elaborate.“We have a plan for this” was a second line that Dunphy’s public-relations adviser urged for inclusion." https
  12. Usually such dont have free cash available. From my limited experience there's usually other motives more to do with how coin is shifted around. Ie films are or used to, be a great way of moving 'assets' from one country to another. There was an infamous case, sorry rumour, with the Pink Panther films concerning a pink Rolls Royce and the border of Switzerland.
  13. Yes. In the old film days once one had a bonafide film biz player (significant presales agent etc) in that opened the door to private bods.
  14. Dalton should ask him to put some cash into an escrow account (even $100) before going any further. The very fact Dunphy has gone public doesn't lend itself to credibility. Another red flag.
  15. I've dealt with such investor leads in my film production days. Quite frankly they are not worth the effort and distraction. The rule, I discovered from old hands, is to get them to put down some real money, even just $100 (especially for billionaires) and if they don't they wont be coughing up a few million. And of course they like moving money around which brings complications.
  16. At least they 've just dealt with this issue "It marks a key milestone in the Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project which began in 2015 when the equivalent of 40,000 wheelie bins of raw sewage from around 20,000 homes and businesses in the lower harbour region was being discharged into the harbour every day." https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/munster/arid-40374383.html
  17. Yep they look short on someone who can convert. Slightly off topic I heard one of the Ultimes, perhaps Gitana Team or more likely François Gabart's new monster, bought TNZ's simulator.
  18. New team. Interesting sponsor and manager. https://sailgp.com/news/switzerland-team-joins-leading-sailing-league/?fbclid=IwAR0wvS-YEz3H3C4Ro8mgwBpFJ_Dn0uDw288aVwl-W89yK9ypo7uPKlxvWBk
  19. Along with Ineos making progress whilst the defenders are occupied.
  20. If you listen to Shirley Robertson's recent interview with Glen A covering the recent cups, he provides illustrations of GD doing just this, especially during critical moments. Loosing GA could be even more of an issue and I got the feeling its not a given he'd be returning.
  21. Shirley Robertson Glenn Ashby Pt 2 Not too bad an interview
  22. Yep and you mentioning of Al Qaeda who, as we speak, are returning key commanders to Afghanistan. And we know where they stand on the Saudi royal family.
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