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  1. Being an Aussie I wanna see that Nacra result, but I worry that the rest of the world moved on a bit while we were locked down? Time will tell, but there have been a lot of world class events and training that the Aussies have not been at. That said the kiwi 420 crew killed it after a long break from competition. Hopefully the AUS Nacra crew can emulate.
  2. I'm not the one who sailed the boat, I just maintained the systems ...... but from what I understand it was a sometime thing not an all time thing, and at the gate usually this happened with the skipper inboard yes. Def saved time in the drops, the halyard was marked where the tack needed to be released. Yes still use it.
  3. So on our 15 we had a tack line running to both back beam corners (as well as the tramp release), so the skipper could release the tack when the crew was busy retrieving the kite. But we needed the second ring. To make the whole system "feel" better we also had a small piece of shock cord pulling the tack line forward, to prevent accidental release, and add some feel to the whole system.
  4. I actually wouldn't mind the idea of teams racing in say Elliott 6s. Make the rule "at least one of each gender per boat" and let the physics sort it out. Teams racing is quite appealing to watch, and could be presented well on TV, and has a built in audience of participants from school kids to match racers, opti sailors, I think even BICs have embraced it. And the provision of hardware is not too onerous
  5. I suspect it's more of a reflection of his fleet racing ability vs his match racing ability, or the pressure or a million things. Just like people bitching about PB. I doubt it was overly intentional, a good gybe by that team, would have put a very different complexion on his tactics. But in the end, none of them are robots, so there is bound to be the odd mistake. Looking for intent reflects more poorly on the observer than the observed.
  6. Hmmm Aus team on the USA boat wonder if they bought the extra to reduce the excess
  7. Hard to imagine he has been fully vaccinated, even if he has had 1 shot. AZ vaccine needs 12 weeks for 2 shots, Pfizer isn't really available to the gen public. So he could perhaps have got a script for an asthma preventer from a friendly GP and got his first dose of AZ if he know that was an option, and how to book in for it, bit hard now that being under 50 he would almost have to convince them to give it too him. Other than that, I don't believe they are even prioritizing Olympic athletes let alone a profession sailor.
  8. Bermuda has a population around 65000 it wouldn't be stretch to vaccinate them all in a couple of weeks, and just open up to tourists. Probs need an upgraded medical network for COVID+ tourists though.
  9. Do the females have to be on the boat as per a rule, or could they be sidelined to shore crew??
  10. Add to that the limitations on practice time, unless its changed, the "new" or inexperienced teams are not given any additional practice over the established teams from what I understand.
  11. I guess that getting a handle in flight control without a heap of practice would be beyond most males or females, so you are really left with helm/wing, Helming? I feel like that would be challenging as well for the inexperienced, which really leaves the wing?
  12. So currently the harbourmaster has only issued a notice regarding the dinghy and not the yacht
  13. This is so true. One of the things I rate about the kids I look after catamaran racing in AUS (east coast) is that almost every regatta they attend has some combination of ex or current world champs at it. So on any given weekend they could be racing against Bundy or Forbes Carolijn B occasionally Jason W, and many others who are also ranked high in the world. These guys and girls are awesome to have in the boat park. They hang around and talk to the kids, so down to earth. So much knowledge.
  14. I could see how you would think that Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021 No. 12 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Position: Quarterback Personal information Born: August 3, 1977 (age 43)
  15. Super confident of their boat and ability if that's the case. The did pop up straight after that
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