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  1. I cancelled my subscription to the Horrid 15 years ago when they went hard left woke. It was still mostly dead tree stuff in those days. No smart phone apps.
  2. American Magic and INEOS Team UK: Losers or future Cup holders?
  3. I hear AM are already working on upgrades to Patriot.
  4. A plan so cunning, you could you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.
  5. Max not happy: "“A dual event would be a disaster for the whole America's Cup world, as well as a farce,” Sirena told Corriere della Sera."
  6. A two hour race would be tough on the grinders. They would have to ration sail trimming I guess.
  7. ETNZ have already finished and are back in the bar
  8. I think it would depend on the conditions. A TP52 is a lot more seaworthy than an AC75.
  9. I would expect that the specified minimum and maximum LWL in the DoG overrides mutual consent.
  10. Ineos appeared to have the best grinder system, so I suspect all the teams will try to replicate that.
  11. Wonder if RNZYS will run a defender series to select the defending syndicate?
  12. https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/team.html Glen is listed as "Salior - Trimmer" "Main Man" doesn't appear to be listed.
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