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  1. Great thanks, do we develop a national health policy based on your theory? You willing to back that up with increased exposure? Please rookie. Take that shit to the minor leagues. I've worked on molecular biology of Adeno, Paramyxo and Hanta viruses, so i do know a wee bit about the field. How about you? Name me one virus that has ever wiped out its normal host species? Never been observed. All virus species in their normal/natural hosts do not create serious diseases in that host. That's basic evolution at work. Why don't you learn some basic biology before making criticisms?
  2. So your suggestion is to run around with heads squawking madly? Chill Winston...
  3. Regarding viral mutations and evolution...most viruses evolve to reach a more symbiotic state within their host animals. It's more likely to be successful persisting and spreading if it does not kill its host quickly or at all. It is only when a virus crosses into a different host species that we see high morbidity and mortality rates. While Ebola mutation to airborne transmission is within realm of possibility, so is mutation to less virulence in humans.
  4. HIV is genetically unique. WTF is this supposed to mean? HIV does/has mutated. It is a retrovirus, meaning it's genome is RNA and when transcribing the RNA there is more chance of error since the RNA Polymerase enzyme is not particularly good at proof reading the bases as they get laid down. That RNA genome must also undergo "reverse transcription" when it first enters the host cell, meaning HIV's own polymerase reads the RNA strand, generating a DNA complement strand that then integrates into the host genome. So this is another point where errors can/do occur. Isn't this thread not
  5. So far so good. But this thread is about show tunes. sorry, I can't follow that text without glaring red crayon markups...please provide ASAP.
  6. In response to the OP title question...Yes, someone, somewhere undoubtably contracted Ebola today. But is this thread about Ebola? We've been fooled before....
  7. 'Cept that a person no showing symptoms will not be leaking fluids and is thus not likely to infect others. Kinda the modis-operandi of this particular pathogen, eh!
  8. We've already had outbreaks in North America of new diseases (SARS, Swine/Bird/H1N1 Flu, HIV). Where was the population panic that Jack seems to think is inevitable? Ebola is not being contained right now due to social factors in the affected regions. Ignorance of health systems, high population densities with poor infrastructure/communication systems and poor public education levels. We know how to deal with Ebola. If it comes here we have a track record of dealing with other outbreaks and are prepared for the next one.
  9. Stop your whinging little man. You brought up the possibility of airborne transmissibilty and took a jab at your adopted homeland as lacking relevant information on Government sources. I've countered both those assertions. you sound like Glenn Beck trying to sell "Survival Seeds". There are so many more relevant threats out there than Ebola. If you want to live your life in constant "Threat Level Midnight" that says more about your mental state than anything else.
  10. Oh looky here...seems the WHO also has an extensive Ebola sheet: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs103/en/ And...a paper from 1999 describes details on aeroSOL tranny-potential: And, a very recent report (from Canada, Eh!) show this: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/study-confirms-ebola-not-transmitted-through-air
  11. Unless HJ is feeling the need to ingest bodily fluids from an Ebola victim, there's no need for him to get antsy about it.
  12. Hello tech support?....my VwaP Anti-Obama News Replicator/Regurgitator Service is acting up again....here is what I'm seeing: Any suggestions?
  13. Seems to me we are seeing the last days of HJ....everyone is piling on the poor boy these days. At some point he's gonna have to "sock it to" himself and darn a new one. Either that or we'll hear of another going postal event in Florida and never hear from him again...
  14. Dear Ms. Dent, We are sorry to hear you are still having problems with your VwaP ODS-9000 unit. The symptoms you describe are very similar to another model we carry, the ODS-HJ-Pre-Processor. The recommended corrective action for that model is to flush out all the toner reservoirs with a rich chocolately beverage such as Yoo-Hoo...which you can order from our warehouse for overnight deliver. I recommend the family size, particularly if you have a son at home. Sincerely, ODS Copiers-R-US Customer Support.
  15. Well played Lewis Black Benwynn & D's retort was its equal.
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